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It is not recommended to use regular oven bags for cooking in an air fryer oven. Regular oven bags are mainly designed for conventional ovens, and their material and construction may not withstand the high temperatures and rapid airflow in an air fryer oven.

Air fryer ovens work by cooking food with powerful hot air circulation, and oven bag materials may not be able to endure the high heat and airflow, potentially melting, tearing, or posing safety issues.

Additionally, oven bags can obstruct the flow of hot air, leading to uneven heating of food and affecting cooking results.

For best cooking results and safety, it is advised to use the air fryer oven's included trays, baskets, or other suitable cookware. These accessories are designed and tested to safely and effectively cook foods under high heat and airflow conditions, providing even heating.

If you have special needs or questions about using oven bags, refer to the user manual of your purchased air fryer oven or consult the manufacturer for specific recommendations and guidance.

Yes, the HYSapientia air fryer oven has sufficient capacity and cooking area for you to cook different types of food at the same time. This allows you to prepare multiple dishes together, improving efficiency and convenience when cooking.

When cooking various foods simultaneously, here are some tips that may help:

Consider food size and cook times: Choose foods of similar size and cook times to cook together so they finish at the same time. If needed, you can adjust food placement during cooking for even heating.Use proper accessories: Based on the food type and shape, choose appropriate trays, baskets, or other accessories to hold and cook different foods. This maximizes space usage and ensures even heating.

Control temperature and time: Adjust the air fryer oven's temperature and time settings according to the cooking requirements of different foods. Refer to recipe or recommended cook times and temperatures to ensure each food reaches ideal doneness.

Avoid cross-contamination: Prevent cross-contamination between different foods. When cooking varied foods together, ensure proper separation and that juices or seasonings do not intermix.

In summary, the air fryer oven design allows simultaneous cooking of different foods. But ensure cooking guidelines and safety requirements are followed, and make sensible arrangements and adjustments based on food characteristics and needs for optimal results.

HYSapientia cares deeply about customers' safe and healthy cooking, so we do not use non-stick coatings in any of our models or accessories.

However, in other modes, the fan speed is fixed. This is done to maximize cooking efficiency. For baking and defrosting, excessive fan speed often leads to difficulties in controlling the optimal cooking time and results.

Users can cook food in an air fryer oven using oven-safe glassware. Oven-safe glassware typically has good heat conductivity and high temperature resistance, making it suitable for oven cooking.Here are some tips on using oven-safe glassware:

Confirm heat resistance

Before purchasing oven-safe glassware, ensure it is labeled for high heat or oven use. Different brands and models can have varying heat ranges, so be sure to read product labels or instructions.


It is advised to preheat oven-safe glassware before placing in the oven. This helps evenly distribute heat and reduce shock from temperature changes.

Avoid sudden temperature shift

Avoid putting cold oven-safe glassware into a hot oven or hot glassware into a cooling environment. Sudden temperature shifts can cause breakage.

Gentle handling

When using oven-safe glassware, avoid sudden temperature swings and jarring movements. Handle gently, avoiding direct transfer from very hot settings into cold water.


When cleaning oven-safe glassware, avoid harsh temperature fluctuations and abrasive objects. Clean gently, avoiding harsh cleaners or scouring pads.Note that requirements for use and care may vary for different brands and models of oven-safe glassware. Read manufacturer instructions and recommendations before use to ensure safe usage and best cooking results.

In summary, oven-safe glassware can be used in air fryer ovens. Just be sure to select ware marked oven-safe or for oven use, and follow usage and care guidance for safety and optimal cooking performance.

If you feel that the top or bottom heating elements are not working, there are generally two possible scenarios, and you can determine based on your specific situation:

Heating Element Malfunction:

When the heating element is malfunctioning, the food will not be cooked within the designated time or may not emit heat when you touch around the upper heating element after switching on the oven and cutting off the power. You can also observe changes in the state of the food to make a judgment. If you encounter such a problem, please consult our customer support team for assistance.

Visual Perception of Non-operation:

If your food is cooked within the expected time, then the oven is functioning normally.

The presence of condensation and grease between the double-layer glass of the oven is usually caused by one of the following reasons:

Steam generated during cooking

When you cook food in the oven, the moisture in the food evaporates and forms steam. If the food being cooked has a high water content or if it is frozen food, the generated steam may seep into the space between the double-layer glass, resulting in the accumulation of condensation.

Splattering of grease

During the cooking process, grease from the food may splatter inside the oven, and some of it can deposit between the double-layer glass.

To address this issue, you can try the following methods:

Regular cleaning

Clean the interior of the oven regularly, including the area between the double-layer glass. Use appropriate cleaning agents and tools, such as mild detergent and a sponge, to remove the accumulated condensation and grease between the double-layer glass.

Check the seal

Ensure that the oven door and seals are in good condition. If any issues with the seals are found, it may be necessary to replace them or consult HYSapientia's customer service for advice.

Avoid splattering of grease

During cooking, you can try to reduce the splattering of grease. Use baking sheets, aluminum foil, or splatter guards to prevent grease from flying into the oven's interior.Please note that if the problem persists or cannot be resolved, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

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