HYSapientia's trademark is registered in the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. It was founded by Jimmy Wang, agraduate of Aston University in the United Kingdom, in 2021. Wang was
inspired by delicious and efficient cooking, which led to the founding of HYSapientia and a commitment to the development of kitchen appliances.

HYSapientia initially comes from Ningbo, China, which is a global center for home appliance manufacturing. The air fryer has brought about a revolution in the kitchen,allowing for quick cooking with less oil and gradually replacing traditional deep fryers. It advocates for a new dietary habit, promoting a balanced approach of easy cooking and healthy eating.

At the same time, compared to the potential risks of plastic air fryers, HYSapientia focuses on stainless steel air fryer ovens as the starting point for kitchen appliance products, making our kitchens safer.


HYSapientia is a brand committed to bringing comfort, convenience, and wisdom to your kitchen. Our focus is on creating smart, safe, and efficient kitchen appliances to achieve the goal of easy cooking and healthy eating. We believe that our products offer value by making healthy eating more accessible and enjoyable.

Whether you are seeking to change your eating habits or pursuing a healthier lifestyle, HYSapientia is a smart choice. Our products provide a convenient, efficient, and delicious cooking experience while promoting healthy living. We are supported by an excellent supply chain and a strong design and manufacturing team, ensuring high-quality products and excellent service for our customers.