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Master the Art of Smoke-Free Air Fryer Oven Cooking

  The Air Fryer Oven is one of the most popular kitchen appliances in modern households due to its ability to cook food in a healthier manner while enhancing its...

  The Air Fryer Oven is one of the most popular kitchen appliances in modern households due to its ability to cook food in a healthier manner while enhancing its deliciousness. However, at times, you may encounter the issue of smoke during the use of an Air Fryer Oven. This article will introduce you to some common reasons and how to deal with this situation.

1.Food Residue or Oil Blockage in the Fan

  When cooking in an Air Fryer Oven, food residue and oil can accumulate around the fan and heating elements, leading to smoking issues. These residues can burn at high temperatures, producing smoke.


 ·First, make sure the Air Fryer Oven is completely cool. Unplug to ensure safety.

 ·Remove food debris and grease, especially from areas around fans and heating elements. You can use clean water and mild detergent, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.(Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners as they may damage surfaces that do not contain non-stick coatings.)

 ·Regularly inspect the fan and ventilation openings to ensure there is no residue or debris blocking them, maintaining proper ventilation and preventing the accumulation of debris, thus reducing the risk of smoke.

2. Excessive Moisture on Food Surfaces

  Certain foods, especially frozen items, may release excess moisture during the cooking process, which can also lead to smoke issues.


 ·Before cooking, gently pat the surface of the food dry with a paper towel or kitchen paper.Also, consider thawing frozen foods ahead of time to minimize the amount of moisture released during cooking.

 ·If you frequently prepare high-moisture foods, consider purchasing a food dehydrator to remove excess moisture and reduce the potential for smoke.

3. Sprinkle Supplementary Ingredients on the Food Surface

  Some foods may require the addition of seasonings, breadcrumbs, or other supplementary ingredients during the cooking process. If these ingredients are excessive or do not adhere properly to the food, they may combust in the Air Fryer Oven, generating smoke.


 ·Ensure that when using supplementary ingredients, you use an appropriate quantity as per the recipe's recommendations.

 ·Try to evenly coat the food with the supplementary ingredients to minimize any material from detaching.

4. Food Oil Spillover

  Certain foods, such as fried items, may overflow with oil during the cooking process, leading to smoke.


 ·When cooking fried foods, ensure the use of an appropriate container to collect the overflowed oil instead of letting it drip onto the bottom.

5.Bake in the Wrong Way

  Excessive cooking time or using other incorrect methods can both lead to food burning and smoking.


 ·Preheat the Air Fryer Oven:

  Always preheat the Air Fryer Oven before starting the cooking process. This ensures that the food begins cooking promptly upon entering the baking cycle, reducing baking time.

 ·Follow Recipe Recommendations:

  When cooking specific foods, always adhere to the baking time and temperature recommendations provided in the respective recipe. These recommendations are typically rigorously tested and ensure optimal results.

 ·Consider Food Size:

  The size and thickness of the food can impact baking time. Thicker foods require more time for baking. If your food is exceptionally thick or large, it's necessary to adjust the baking time to ensure even cooking.

 ·Customize Baking Time:

  If you find that the recommended time from the recipe still results in smoke, consider reducing the baking time. Gradually decrease the time until you find the suitable baking duration for your Air Fryer Oven.

  Monitor the progress of food cooking to ensure it doesn't overcook, as this may lead to smoking.

 ·Avoid Food Stacking:

  Avoid overstacking food in the Air Fryer Oven's cooking basket. Food stacking can hinder proper airflow, increasing the risk of smoke.

 ·Adjust Baking Temperature:

  If you frequently encounter smoking issues, consider lowering the baking temperature and gradually adjusting as needed. Excessive temperature can result in the food cooking too quickly, leading to smoke.

 ·Avoid Excessive Use of Oil:

  During baking, ensure that the amount of cooking oil used is moderate and not excessive. Excess oil can potentially ignite at high temperatures, leading to smoke.

  Most importantly, if you have tried the above methods and still encounter smoke issues, do not ignore it, especially if the smoke becomes very intense. Disconnect the power, open windows for ventilation to ensure safety, and then check if there are any other issues with the appliance. If you encounter problems, please feel free to contact our customer service team, and they will promptly assist you. Maintaining the cleanliness and proper usage of your Air Fryer Oven will help reduce the likelihood of smoke and ensure you can enjoy delicious cooking.















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