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HYSapientia 22L Digital Dual Zone Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie

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Rated Power: 2400W
Capacity: 22L
Temperature Range: 40°-230C
Time Range: 5 min-480 min
Dimensions: 41.4 x 37.5 x37.5 cm
Weight: 15.45 kg

What's in the box?

24L Dual Zone Air Fryer Oven *1

Oven Rack*1
Air Fry Basket*1
Bake Tray*1
Rotisserie Fork&Handle*1
Half-width Bake Tray*2
Half-width Oven Rack*2
Half-width Air Fry Basket*2
Divider Board*2
CookBook and Manual*1

2-Years Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
My wife loves this

We now have two air fryers, a ninja one and this one. Since we bought this one it gets used more than the ninja even though both are used when we have visitors or making larger meals. My wife loves this, we've even got rid of our toaster as this makes lovely crunchy toast which my wife and myself like very much. Really pleased with it.

Wow what a product!

The HYSapientia® 22L Dual Zone Air Fryer Oven is a versatile and powerful kitchen appliance that has revolutionized my cooking experience. With its 2400W of power and 10 preset functions, it offers convenience and efficiency that is hard to match. The dual-zone capability allows for preparing two different dishes simultaneously, which is a game-changer for busy households or when entertaining guests.

The inclusion of a rotisserie is a delightful feature, perfect for cooking succulent roasts or evenly grilled chicken. The 13 accessories that come with it, including baskets and skewers, provide all the necessary tools for a wide range of recipes. Its stainless steel construction not only gives it a sleek look but also ensures durability and ease of cleaning.

Can cook everything from a 7-piece roast dinner to apple crumble all at once, due to its spacious interior and efficient cooking. The digital interface is user-friendly, and the oven heats up quickly, ensuring meals are prepared in no time.

Mrs. A. J. Skeggs

Versatile gadget perfect addition to my kitchen

Amazon Customer
Take care and your timel

Love 💘 using it quite quick and all done to gether
grandma loves it to x

Jonathan Jewell
HYSapientia® is a brand I have heard of but never tried - after this, I will happily try again

This is first of all, absolutely huge - do not underestimate that. But at the same time, if you need that size, either because you have a large family, or because you want to put pizza in it and do not have a pizza oven, it is the second best thing you can get for that. It is pretty much all you need, taken with a mini-cooker, and microwave to cover the whole cooking facility of a large household.

Now I am into gadgets and cooking is like a big thing for me. Since I am not exactly good at it (according to my sister at least), this is definitely an alternative way to impress people without actually putting much effort into it. This is both as it makes it far easier for you to time the coming together of meals (everything there on time). And as it is very easily (given it is countertop level use, for most) to actually see the meal burni...I mean, cooking, visually through the window of the device.

Putting aside what it is second best at, it is absolutely fantastic as an item for anyone who needs to replace a whole range of kitchen appliances, with the versatility of the air fryer at the heart of it, the facility to take into it pretty large pizza (yes, that is a theme), and the rotisserie function, which feels almost like you're in a restaurant.

NOTE: I am only able to comment on residential/domestic use of this thing, but I can see it as being very useful for a bunch of like-dieted students to share chores in a household, and for everyone to enjoy the ease of cooking and cleaning. It seems ideal to put into a house syndicate fund for. I would say, however, that if it is just you and a partner, or even you and a youngish child, this is likely way too big for you. With my immense family, we can cover basically the whole household, and then it is just what get steamed and boiled that needs doing outside of that. Probably good as one out of several for a small sized restaurant, but that is speculative. I do not own and actually have never had the joy of working in one.

The only thing that you might feel is lacking is a hob space on top. This is something I have always wondered why these things (the bigger ones do not). This is something I presume you would have on a mini-cooker or at home anyway though, allowing you to do the kind of tasks that (whilst air fryers tend to claim they can do, like baking) do not, in fact, measure up on. But for many, I think that this alone this will expand the diversity of cook-at-home meals for many people with its ease of use and, for those who have large families, justify a beast of this size.

In terms of value for money, this is a tough one in some ways, in others not. I can see this as very appealing at the price to those who think wow, it does it all. But I think you would probably, giving it a little thought, realise that you can do better getting a smaller thing and keeping the change for other things. But when you look at even the best of the other competitors to this, for a device of this size, but one that (I certainly now consider one of the quality range, as per my title), I cannot see any that compare.

Happily recommend it - to those that have a place to put it and the need for something of this scale.