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Which Type of Air Fryer Should You Choose Among the Various Options?

  With the increasing demand for kitchen appliances like air fryers, new models are constantly being developed. Among these, the air fryer-oven combo represents the latest trend, combining the functionalities of...


With the increasing demand for kitchen appliances like air fryers, new models are constantly being developed. Among these, the air fryer-oven combo represents the latest trend, combining the functionalities of both an oven and an air fryer, thus offering more versatility. For those who have a need for both functionalities, considering such a model could be worthwhile. Choosing kitchen appliances, especially ovens and fryers, often involves navigating through various brands and types. This article aims to provide comprehensive purchasing advice by delving into the functionalities, efficiencies, and applicabilities of air fryers and ovens, with a special focus on the composite advantages of air fryer-oven combos.


Categories of Air Fryers

Air Fryer-Oven Combo

An air fryer-oven combo is a kitchen appliance that integrates the functionalities of an air fryer and an oven. Equipped with a high-speed fan and adjustable temperature control, it can easily handle a wide range of cooking needs, from roasting meats and frying fries to baking mini cakes and chiffon cakes. This device is particularly suitable for those who love experimenting with different cooking methods but do not want their kitchen cluttered with various appliances.


Multifunctional Air Fryer

A multifunctional air fryer combines the basic functionalities of traditional air frying with various cooking methods. Not only does it offer frying and roasting capabilities, but it can also perform sautéing, boiling, and steaming by swapping out air fryer accessories. This type of air fryer is a real all-rounder in the kitchen, providing endless possibilities for families who enjoy a diverse menu.


Steam Oven/Convection Oven

A steam oven/convection oven can be considered an advanced version of the air fryer-oven combo, characterized by:


  • Better temperature control;
  • Larger capacity for ingredients;
  • Higher power, allowing for the preparation of a wider variety of dishes. Naturally, this comes at a higher price and requires more space.

Comparison of Ovens, Air Fryers, and Air Fryer-Oven Combos

Key factors such as capacity, heating efficiency, cleaning difficulty, and cooking applications need to be considered when making a choice. HYSapientia, in developing its air fryer products, has conducted evaluations and scoring of these three common cooking tools based on attributes most concerned by users.

              (Scores: 3 for excellent performance, 2 for average, 1 for below average)

Conclusion Summary: In a comprehensive evaluation of various kitchen appliances, the air fryer-oven combo stands out for its efficient functionality and strong adaptability, ranking first in overall scores.


Capacity Comparison and Its Impacts

Capacity is a decisive factor when discussing different types of air fryers. The size of the capacity directly affects the device's footprint, heating efficiency, cleaning difficulty, and cooking applications. A larger capacity means a bigger device size, requiring more storage space, and typically longer preheat times. However, a larger capacity also implies stronger cooking adaptability, being able to accommodate large items such as a whole chicken. For instance, HYSapientia's newly launched HYSapientia 24L Air fryer oven with rotisserie Toaster Oven, with its 24-liter large capacity, can meet most family cooking needs.


Choosing an Air Fryer-Oven Combo


Diverse Functions: Start with the oven mode for initial cooking, then switch to air frying to finish, achieving a crispy exterior without overly drying the food.

Strong Adaptability: Capable of handling items difficult for air fryers, like egg tarts and pizzas, performing better than single-function ovens.


Capacity Choice: It's recommended to choose models with a capacity of over 20 liters to meet diverse cooking needs.

Equipment Functionality: Opt for models that allow independent activation or deactivation of the fan, taking advantage of East-West culinary benefits.


Through the analysis above, it's clear that air fryer-oven combos, with their unique combination of Eastern and Western cooking functionalities, bring great convenience and efficiency to modern kitchens. Despite their higher price, their outstanding performance and multifunctionality make this investment highly worthwhile. Choosing the right model not only allows you to enjoy delicious food but also experience the joy of efficient and convenient cooking.


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