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Preparation for the Parent-Child Cooking Event: Air Fryer Edition

  (Edinburgh International Children’s Festival – Air Fryer Parent-Child Cooking Event)   Why is an Air Fryer the Best Cooking Tool for a Parent-Child Cooking Event? What Should I Prepare...


(Edinburgh International Children’s Festival – Air Fryer Parent-Child Cooking Event)


Why is an Air Fryer the Best Cooking Tool for a Parent-Child Cooking Event?

What Should I Prepare in Advance?

What Delicious Dishes Can I Make with My Child Using the Air Fryer?

How Should We Divide the Cooking Responsibilities?

Sharing the Results of Air Fryer Cooking

Cleaning the Air Fryer Cooking Area


The Edinburgh International Children’s Festival is here. This traditional British festival is renowned for its innovation and high-quality performances, offering a rich selection of family-friendly theatre and dance performances. Is your child's school hosting any activities? In previous years, most schools across the UK hosted colorful events during the Edinburgh International Children's Festival. Is your child's school hosting a special parent-child cooking event this year? On this day, when the school invites parents and children to explore the world of healthy cuisine together, the air fryer becomes our best cooking tool, allowing us to transform simple ingredients into delicious dishes together. With the curious gazes and helping hands of the children, we not only created delicious dishes but also taught them the importance of healthy cooking. As a professional air fryer manufacturer, HYSapientia cares deeply about educating children on healthy cooking. Here, HYSapientia has prepared a detailed and comprehensive guide to air fryer parent-child cooking activities. Let’s check it out!


Why is an Air Fryer the Best Cooking Tool for a Parent-Child Cooking Event?

In parent-child cooking events, the air fryer stands out among many cooking tools due to its numerous advantages, making it the ideal cooking tool.


Compared to Traditional Deep Fryers

  • Safety: Traditional frying requires large amounts of hot oil, which poses risks of burns and fire, especially with children around. An air fryer uses enclosed cooking and an automatic shut-off feature, significantly reducing these risks.
  • Health: Traditional fried foods are high in oil and not suitable for frequent consumption, particularly for children. The air fryer prepares food using circulating hot air, reducing oil usage and making it more suitable for a healthy diet.


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Compared to an Oven

  • Energy Efficiency: The air fryer typically heats up faster than an oven, reaching the desired cooking temperature more quickly. This not only saves time but also energy.
  • Ease of Use:Compared to an oven's multiple cooking racks and complex temperature control, the air fryer usually has a simpler, more intuitive interface, making it easier for both children and parents to use.


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Compared to a Microwave

  • Cooking Quality: While a microwave is convenient and fast, it typically can't provide baking or crispy effects. An air fryer maintains the original flavor of the food while achieving a crispy exterior and tender interior, enhancing the taste and appearance.
  • Versatility:The air fryer can not only fry but also bake, roast, and grill, making it suitable for various types of cooking needs.


What Should I Prepare in Advance?

To ensure a smooth parent-child cooking event, there are several key steps to prepare in advance. These steps help the event proceed smoothly and ensure that you and the children enjoy a safe and pleasant cooking experience.


  • Choose the Right Recipes

Select simple and safe recipes based on your child’s age and skill level. Considering the use of an air fryer, choose dishes that can be safely cooked in this appliance, such as chicken strips, veggie skewers, or mini pizzas. The HYSapientia community offers a wide range of recipes to choose from!


  • Purchase Necessary Ingredients and Supplies

Plan ahead and purchase the required ingredients, ensuring their freshness.

(Note: Choose pre-processed or easy-to-handle ingredients to minimize prep work.)


  • Check Cooking Equipment:

Ensure the air fryer is functioning correctly, and that all air fryer accessories are complete and clean.


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  • Prepare Cooking Tools and Safety Gear:

Each participant should have appropriate cooking tools, such as cutting boards, knives, measuring cups, and spoons. Provide suitable safety gear, like aprons, kitchen gloves, and children's safety knives, to ensure safety.


  • Arrange a Brief Safety Education:

Before the event begins, hold a brief family safety meeting for your child, explaining how to use the air fryer and the safety guidelines. Explain the steps of the recipe and the child’s responsibilities, ensuring they understand their role.


What Delicious Dishes Can I Make with My Child Using the Air Fryer?

What Kind of Food Is Best for Parent-Child Cooking?

The dishes prepared with your child in a parent-child cooking event usually have the following characteristics: simple to make, safe, healthy, and educational. These features ensure that the event strengthens the bond between parents and children while also teaching them basic cooking skills and the importance of a healthy diet.


  • Simple to Make:Choosing simple recipes is crucial so that children can easily participate in the cooking process, such as making sandwiches, simple salads, or air-fried snacks.
  • Safety:Avoid using sharp knives and high-temperature equipment during food preparation, or use them under adult supervision to ensure the event's safety.
  • Healthy: Promote healthy eating habits by selecting nutritious ingredients like fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, avoiding excessive sugar and oil.
  • Educational: Through cooking, children not only learn how to make food but also understand the transformation process from raw materials to finished products, stimulating their interest in food and cooking.


Recommended Air Fryer Recipes by HYSapientia for Parent-Child Cooking!


  • Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

Making air fryer chicken nuggets is simple. Coat chicken pieces in breadcrumbs and seasoning, then cook them in the air fryer until golden and crispy. This method is healthier than traditional frying, and the taste is excellent, perfect for kids' palates.


  • Mini Pizzas

Use small buns, pizza sauce, cheese, and various toppings your kids like (such as ham, mushrooms, and green peppers) to make mini pizzas. Kids can add their toppings, enjoying the fun of customization, which is also a great way to teach them about ingredient combinations.

  • Veggie Sticks or Fried Veggies

The air fryer is ideal for making veggie snacks like fried broccoli, carrot sticks, and beetroot chips. After cooking in the air fryer, these vegetables are crispy on the outside and soft inside, making a tasty and nutritious snack.

  • Fruit Chips

Use the air fryer to make crispy apple or banana chips. Just slice the fruit, sprinkle lightly with cinnamon or sugar powder, and then bake in the air fryer. This dessert is not only healthy but also lets kids experience a new flavor of fresh fruit.

  • Cheese Sticks

To make air fryer cheese sticks, use simple cheese slices coated in a layer of mixed breadcrumbs and herbs. Cook them for a few minutes until golden and crispy. This is a quick and kid-friendly snack.


How Should We Divide the Cooking Responsibilities?

In a parent-child cooking event using an air fryer, reasonable division of labor is key to ensuring smooth progress. It not only improves cooking efficiency but also ensures that you enjoy the fun of cooking in a safe environment. Here are some detailed suggestions for division of labor:


  • Division of Labor in the Preparation Stage

Choosing Recipes and Ingredient Preparation:

Adults' Role: Select recipes appropriate for the child's age and skill level, and handle ingredient purchasing.

Children's Role: Help wash and organize ingredients, like cleaning vegetables and fruits.


  • Ingredient Handling:

Adults' Role: Use knives and other potentially dangerous tools, such as cutting meat or hard vegetables.

Children's Role: Participate in safer tasks like tearing lettuce leaves, peeling bananas, or arranging vegetables.


  • Division of Labor in the Cooking Stage

Operating the Air Fryer:

Adults' Role: Set up the air fryer (temperature and time) and supervise the cooking process.

Children's Role: Under adult guidance and supervision, help put food in and take it out. For example, place pre-prepared chicken nuggets or veggie sticks.


  • Monitoring and Adjusting Cooking:

Adults' Role: Regularly check the food's cooking status and adjust the cooking time or temperature.

Children's Role: Learn to observe changes in the food and describe the changes in color and shape.


  • Post-Processing and Tasting Stage

Cleaning and Tidying:

Adults' Role: Clean the air fryer and other key kitchen tools.

Children's Role: Help tidy up the workspace, like clearing the table and washing small bowls and utensils.

Tasting and Feedback:

Joint Responsibility: Taste the prepared food together, discuss the flavor, and consider how to improve next time.


This division of labor not only ensures the safety of cooking activities but also allows children to learn practical cooking skills, enhancing their sense of responsibility while enjoying precious time with their parents.


Sharing the Results of Air Fryer Cooking

In such parent-child cooking events, sharing the prepared food is not only a moment to showcase the results but also an important link to strengthen family bonds and enhance children’s sense of accomplishment. Label each dish made by the children with a small tag indicating the name. If the children are willing, they can also write down their thoughts on the dish or new skills learned. Encourage the children to introduce their works to other family members, explaining why they chose this dish, the main ingredients used, and an interesting moment or challenge during cooking. This not only improves the children's expression skills but also increases their sense of involvement and pride in the cooking activity. Provide simple evaluation forms or smiley stickers for the children to rate each other, adding interaction and fun to the event. Emphasize the children's effort and creativity, not just the taste.


Cleaning the Air Fryer Cooking Area

After the parent-child cooking event with the air fryer ends, cleaning the air fryer and cooking tools is an important step to ensure hygiene and safety for the next use. Before cleaning, first ensure the air fryer is unplugged and completely cooled to avoid burns. Remove the basket and tray or other detachable parts of the air fryer, and gently wash them with warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Use a soft cloth or sponge to remove oil and food residue on the surface to ensure thorough cleaning. Avoid using steel wool or other abrasive tools to prevent damaging the non-stick coating. The air fryer’s exterior can be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried with a dry cloth. Do not use large amounts of water for direct cleaning to prevent the electrical components from getting wet. If there is grease or food residue inside the air fryer, wipe it clean with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, use a soft brush or cloth with a small amount of dish soap to scrub gently. After all cleaning is complete, place the basket, tray, and other components in a ventilated area to dry, and then reinstall them in the air fryer.


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