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Addressing Consumer Concerns: How to Prevent Air Fryer Fire Hazards

  Why can improper use of air fryers lead to fire incidents? Before answering this question, let's first understand the working principle of air fryers. Air fryers use high-speed air circulation...


Why can improper use of air fryers lead to fire incidents? Before answering this question, let's first understand the working principle of air fryers. Air fryers use high-speed air circulation technology to heat the food by generating hot air through the heating elements inside the machine, utilizing the food's own fats to achieve a frying effect. This cooking method not only reduces the use of fats but also makes the surface of the food golden and crispy, which is considered a healthier way of cooking. However, due to their high operating temperatures and improper use, fires in air fryers during their operation are not isolated incidents.


Reasons Why Air Fryers Catch Fire

Improper Use of Baking Paper and Oil-Absorbing Paper

Typically, an air fryer has a heating element located above the basket, with a fan above it. When the air fryer operates, the heating element emits heat, and the fan circulates this hot air at high speed within the fryer. The ingredients are gradually dehydrated and cooked under the action of this hot air. However, if baking paper or oil-absorbing paper, which have low ignition points and are lightweight, are used without being fully covered by food, they might be lifted by the hot air, come into contact with the heating element, and ignite, leading to short circuits or fire in the machine.


Many people use baking paper or oil-absorbing paper in the frying basket for easy cleaning or to absorb excess oil. However, if these papers are not completely covered by food, they can easily be lifted by the high-temperature air flow and ignite upon contact with the heating elements. This is because these papers have relatively low ignition points and can easily lose their fixed position under strong airflow.


Therefore, it is crucial to securely place the oil-absorbing paper, have someone watch it, and try to fill the food in the basket to prevent the paper from being lifted and ignited by the heating element. Make sure that baking paper or oil-absorbing paper is completely covered by food, leaving no exposed parts. Alternatively, consider not using them or opting for safer substitutes like aluminum foil, ensuring they are securely fixed in place.


Improper Placement of Ingredients

Lightweight ingredients, such as small pieces of meat or vegetables, if placed directly on oil-absorbing paper for cooking, might be lifted by the top hot air, causing them to contact the heating element and catch fire. Moreover, for round, shell-covered ingredients like eggs or chestnuts, if they are cooked directly in the air fryer without any treatment, the internal pressure may increase, leading to an explosion. If you directly cook these in the air fryer, you might face a significant accident scene, with exploded food and an extremely difficult-to-clean pot in front of you.


Light ingredients should not be placed directly on oil-absorbing paper; consider not using it or replacing it with aluminum foil. For round, shell-covered ingredients, eggs can be wrapped in aluminum foil, and chestnuts should have a small cut at the top to prevent internal pressure from causing them to explode.


Overheating of the Equipment

When using air fryers or similar appliances for heating food, it's important to place them on a stable surface, leaving enough space for heat dissipation, preferably more than 10 cm on the left, right, and back sides, and avoid placing objects on top of the device. Blocking the ventilation openings can easily lead to overheating of the wires, igniting or even exploding. Prolonged use of air fryers or incorrect placement according to the instruction manual may lead to equipment overheating and fire. Air fryers should be placed away from walls and heat-sensitive items, ensuring good ventilation to avoid overheating.


Improper Cleaning of Air Fryer Electrical Components

When cleaning, it's important to note that besides the detachable inner pot, other parts should not be washed with water but wiped with a cloth. After cleaning, residual water droplets should be dried off, and the appliance should be placed in a dry area. Regularly check the power plug, socket, and power cord to ensure they are in good working condition.


You should note that electronic air fryer accessories cannot be cleaned directly with water. Do not exceed the rated capacity of food. For air bake baskets, it is recommended to use the newly launched Stainless Steel Air Fryer Oven Rolling Grill Basket by HYSapientia. With a capacity of 1.7 liters, there's no need to worry about not having enough space for food. Its rolling design ensures that food is heated more evenly.

Air Fryer Fire Prevention Measures

It's crucial to adhere to safety operation standards when using kitchen appliances:


  • Keep flammable items away from the appliance, away from walls, curtains, tablecloths, and other heat-sensitive materials. Leave space for heat dissipation.
  • Do not place lunch boxes, plastic bags, and other items on top of the air fryer, as it blocks ventilation openings and can lead to short circuits and fires.
  • Do not put takeout food with packaging directly into the air fryer.
  • Keep the power plug, socket, power cord, and automatic switch device dry and clean.
  • Thoroughly read the product's instruction manual. Most air fryers produced by reputable manufacturers will indicate usage prohibitions in the instructions, allowing users to be prepared and prevent accidents.
  • Conclusion
  • While air fryers bring convenience and health benefits to modern kitchens, correct usage and preventive measures are crucial for safety. By understanding the reasons behind air fryer fires and taking appropriate precautions, users can significantly reduce safety risks during use, enjoying healthy and delicious food while ensuring their and their family's safety.


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