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How to Choose the Most Energy Efficient Air Fryer Oven

  How is the energy saving?Compare the energy consumption of all the cookers in your home and you'll find that the cheapest is an air fryer (natural gas is already...


How is the energy saving?

Compare the energy consumption of all the cookers in your home and you'll find that the cheapest is an air fryer (natural gas is already very expensive). And you don't even want to turn on your big oven because it uses so much electricity.
However, will an air fryer really save you electricity, it's not. The amount of food that the air fryer cooks at one time can only satisfy 1-2 people. If you need to satisfy a large family, or your appetite is relatively large, then you need to cook at least 3-4 times. It seems that it consumes even more power than a large oven.

The capacity of the HYSapientia air fryer oven is about equal to 4 air fryers, and the large capacity of 24L can satisfy a large family at one time. This is the real energy saving, you don't need to use other cookware to finish a meal.

How much should I spend?


Air fryers aren't the cheapest appliances, but you can get a decent air fryer from around £120. This should do the basic job of frying food with minimal fat, but the cook time can be slow compared to pricier models, and you may not always get it perfect.
Style is also a factor, as is the capability of the machine. Some air fryer ovens have a quick cook function and paddle to do all the hard work for you, while others can grill or bake as well. You should also consider the capacity of your air fryer oven—some are large enough for a family meal, while others are small enough to fit into a cramped kitchen. You should expect to pay around £150 to £250 for a large quick air fryer oven.

What are the standard features?


The HYSapientia air fryer oven has many basics that you should be aware of. These include temperature settings so you can adjust the heat and cooking time to suit your ingredients.

Good models will come with dishwasher-safe removable parts and a pull-out loading tray that can be inserted into the machine. For easy cooking from the start, look for models with presets to handle popular dishes. These calculate the time and temperature for you.

HYSapientia also comes with cookbook inspired recipes, ideal if you are new to air frying.

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