Cooking with an air fryer oven can be a game-changer in the kitchen, but it's important to know the different settings for each cooking method to maximize your cooking potential. Here are three favorite roasting methods and their corresponding settings:

  1. Traditional Setting

The traditional setting is the most common and basic setting, where both the top and bottom elements can heat the oven without a fan. However, it's essential to note that most of the heat in the air fryer oven is at the bottom and top, so it's best to swap the position of the food halfway through the cooking process to ensure even cooking.

  1. Fan Forced Setting

When using the fan forced setting, the fan in the back of the oven evenly distributes heat from the elements around it. This means that you don't need to swap or move trays of food during cooking to ensure even cooking and browning.

  1. Fan Assistance Setting

The fan assistance setting works similarly to the fan forced setting, but the top and bottom elements of the oven heat the oven instead of those behind the fan. The food is heated directly from above and below, resulting in a crispy and evenly cooked dish. This setting is perfect for baking at relatively high temperatures for short periods, such as cakes, pastries, cookies, and scones.

Temperature Adjustment for Convection Settings

When using the convection or convection settings, you need to make fine adjustments to the temperature and/or cooking time. The fan makes the oven work more efficiently, resulting in more intense heat and faster baking. As a rule of thumb, lower the temperature by 20°C and reduce the cooking time to maximize the oven's potential.

In summary, knowing the different settings for each cooking method can help you maximize the potential of your HYSapientia air fryer oven. Experiment with each setting to discover your favorite way of cooking with your air fryer oven.