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HYSapientia 22L Digital Dual Zone Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie

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Rated Power: 2400W
Capacity: 22L
Temperature Range: 40°-230C
Time Range: 5 min-480 min
Dimensions: 41.4 x 37.5 x37.5 cm
Weight: 15.45 kg

2-Years Warranty

Provides a one-year base warranty, available for an additional year after registration

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Tyrannosaurus Bex
Good for family use

This cooker has been a bit of a kitchen disrupter for us, as it’s completely changed the way we cook.
I love the ease of cooking at different temperatures, and there are bundles of trays included - small ones for when it’s split and large ones for when it’s one whole oven.
The large trays are more than big enough to do chips for a family of three - and they come out super crispy too. For us it functions as an air fryer and an oven - so we find we use our big oven a lot less.
Cleaning it pretty simple, I just put the trays in the dishwasher, and use air fryer cleaning spray on the insides.
The only downsides for me were the initial period of getting to grips with the different settings (but I feel like a pro now!), and the amount of room it needs on a counter top is a lot.

Best air fryer everrrrrrr

We have used this air fryer multiple times daily for almost a month. It has been fantastic and I highly recommend. This is the 7th air fryer we have had the pleasure of trying out and is by far the best!
Firstly it’s huge 22 l capacity allows us to cook multiple dishes at one time. The wire racks and trays are all dishwasher safe which makes cleaning super easy. It has multiple settings for you to make the most of cooking. The rotisserie function cooked us a beautiful duck, you can see in picture. Also picture are the potato waffles we tried out. The heat setting goes all the way up to 240 degrees allowing you to get a good crisp finish.
Currently priced at £219.99 which is great value for money. It even comes with a handy cook book.

Excellent large capacity air fryer

This is a superb air fryer for the price. I have a smaller unit, which is is now replacing as my go to. What I particularly like about it is you can separate off and independently control the two sides, so that you only need to heat half of it if you are cooking something small. It's great for pizzas, which my smaller fryer couldn't accommodate due to size. Even tho it's large capacity, it's not taking up too much space on my worktop in my postage stamp size kitchen. The finish is decent quality, and the controls easy to manage. It's fairly quiet in operation. It does have a rotisserie function which is not really my bag, but potentially useful for those that like to do a chicken that way. Really good value for money, and it looks smart. Highly recommended.

4.5* versatile little air fryer

22L dual zone air fryer

This is a nice design, modern looking, not an eyesore in the kitchen. The size is convenient, at roughly 41.4cm x 37.5cm x 37.5cm.

This is a useful air fryer, it can be used as one large air fryer, or two small air fryers. All you need to do is remove the divider.

There are 3 tiers, with 6 pans, there are 3 different types of pans. You can use it as a rotisserie too.

There is a touch screen LED display. You have 10 pre-set cooking modes, as well as customisable heating levels. There is a light within the air fryer that you can turn on, giving you an easy view of how the food is cooking. The oven will turn off once it's all cooked and the timer is done.

I think this is fantastic for the price. I like the small size and the versatility of cooking methods. It's easy to use too. I would recommend it.

2024 positivity
Biggest airfryer I have

I didn't realise air fryers can come in this size, this is an absolutely gigantic machine. It's towering above all the other appliances on my worktop, and despite having such a large size interior, exteriorly it doesn't seem to be an eyesore.

I really like this because when I used expensive name brands, I found a lot of the heat was escaping from places I didn't want it to like a name brand ninja air fryer had spaces around the edges and was spitting food debris. Ever since then I decided I wanted a closed convection oven style air fryer. This became very useful for me very quickly.

It was a pleasure to set up, and it felt like they had really put some care and effort into their packaging, because they had some pride in their products which is nice to see for once. It was very well packaged, taking care to protect the easily damaged corners handles and glass. I like that they had provided clear instructions on how to maintain the product.

This is not good for people who are trying to replace their full size oven, because a small oven is still bigger than a big air fryer, but this is better for those with large families who like to air fry their food, or perhaps have lots of different items that all need air frying at once, like quite often I will put some chicken breast, fish, some small fried items, and perhaps even a pie. This is to cover many meals at once for different people, and in a typical air fryer I cannot put all of this in. But because this has a shelving style oven duplication style set up, I can at different heights and layers, and I just have to adjust what time they go in for what temperature.

The current price sits at 199, which is a few percent off it's full price of 220. This is quite expensive, so you have to be sure this is the right product for you, if you've never used an air fryer before, then perhaps you need a smaller one to see if the food that comes out is even to your type and style, however if you are willing to the world of air frying food, and you need one to upgrade from a previous, or you need another one for a larger family, then this will be perfect for you.

You can see from the images I am very happy.