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World Chocolate Day - Making Delicious Chocolate Desserts with an Air Fryer (Part 1)

(Preparing for Baking Chocolate Desserts with an Air Fryer: Anti-Stick Tips and Using Different Capacities of Air Fryers)   Every year on July 7th, chocolate lovers around the world celebrate...

(Preparing for Baking Chocolate Desserts with an Air Fryer: Anti-Stick Tips and Using Different Capacities of Air Fryers)


Every year on July 7th, chocolate lovers around the world celebrate a special day - World Chocolate Day. This day is not only a feast for chocolate enthusiasts but also an excellent opportunity to explore new methods of making chocolate desserts. In the UK, this holiday is gaining increasing popularity, and various chocolate desserts have become the core of the celebration. So, on this special day, how can we use an air fryer to make delicious chocolate desserts? HYSapientia, with our many years of experience in manufacturing and using air fryers, will guide you through how to use an air fryer to make chocolate desserts, from choosing the right molds and baking trays to preventing sticking and using different capacities of air fryers. This series will be divided into two parts to provide detailed insights into these techniques, so stay tuned!


The Importance of Chocolate Desserts on World Chocolate Day

Chocolate desserts are not only the favorite of sweet tooth enthusiasts but also a vital part of World Chocolate Day celebrations. The air fryer, with its quick, healthy, and convenient features, has become the new darling for making chocolate desserts. Compared to traditional ovens, air fryers can heat and cook food more quickly while reducing the use of oil, making chocolate desserts healthier and more delicious. For those who want to enjoy desserts while maintaining their health, an air fryer is undoubtedly an ideal tool.


The advantage of an air fryer in making chocolate desserts also lies in its ability to preserve the pure flavor of chocolate. Traditional ovens, due to uneven heating, can easily cause chocolate to be over-baked or burnt, thus destroying its aroma and taste. In contrast, an air fryer can provide more even heating, allowing chocolate desserts to achieve higher standards in both appearance and taste. Furthermore, air fryers are easy to operate, enabling even those without baking experience to effortlessly create professional-level chocolate desserts.


Preparing to Bake Chocolate Desserts with an Air Fryer

Preheating the Air Fryer


To ensure the best baking results for chocolate desserts, preheating the air fryer is crucial. Generally, a preheating time of 3-5 minutes is recommended to ensure even temperature distribution and uniform heating of the desserts. During the preheating process, you can use this time to prepare other ingredients. The preheating step helps stabilize the internal temperature of the air fryer and shortens the actual baking time, allowing the chocolate desserts to be completed faster.


During preheating, it is important to consider the placement environment of the air fryer. Ensure there is sufficient ventilation space around the air fryer to prevent overheating. Additionally, check the cleanliness of the air fryer to make sure there are no food residues or grease, which can produce smoke or odors at high temperatures, affecting the flavor of the desserts.


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Choosing Suitable Molds and Baking Trays


When using an air fryer to make chocolate desserts, selecting the appropriate molds and baking trays is essential. Silicone molds and non-stick baking trays are excellent choices as they ensure perfect shape and easy release of desserts. Silicone molds are heat-resistant and flexible, adapting well to the high-temperature environment of air fryers and are easy to clean. Non-stick baking trays prevent desserts from sticking, ensuring they can be easily removed after baking.


Furthermore, when choosing molds and baking trays, consider whether their size fits the internal space of the air fryer. Overly large molds may obstruct air circulation, leading to uneven baking. It is recommended to choose medium-sized molds that fully utilize the air fryer’s space while ensuring even heat distribution, thus achieving ideal baking results for the desserts.


How to Prevent Chocolate Desserts from Sticking

Using Non-Stick Baking Paper or Spray


Non-stick baking paper or spray can effectively prevent chocolate desserts from sticking, ensuring complete release. When using baking paper, cut it to fit the size of the molds and line the bottom and sides. This not only prevents sticking but also makes cleaning easier. When using non-stick spray, evenly spray it on the surface of the molds to ensure full coverage of every corner.


Choosing the Right Molds and Pre-Treatment Methods


When selecting molds, silicone molds are a good option due to their natural non-stick properties. Additionally, applying a thin layer of butter or oil to the inner walls of the molds can further prevent sticking. When applying butter, use a brush to lightly coat the surface evenly. Some households also like to sprinkle a thin layer of flour over the butter, which can increase the non-stick effect and make the dessert surface crispier.


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For some special-shaped molds, such as flower or animal-shaped molds, you can first line them with cling film before pouring in the dessert batter. After baking, simply lift the cling film to easily remove the desserts, maintaining their perfect shape.


Baking with Different Capacities of Air Fryers

Different capacities of air fryers produce varying baking results. Small-capacity air fryers are suitable for making small batches of desserts, while large-capacity air fryers are ideal for making multiple portions at once. Small-capacity air fryers, due to their compact space, concentrate heat, resulting in faster baking times but require caution to avoid over-baking. Large-capacity air fryers can bake more desserts simultaneously but require slightly longer baking times to ensure even heating of all desserts. HYSapientia offers a 6.5L single pot air fryer as well as a 24L air fryer oven combo. You can choose according to your needs.


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How to Adjust Ingredients and Baking Time


Adjust the amount of ingredients and baking time according to the air fryer’s capacity. Generally, small-capacity air fryers require slightly reduced ingredient quantities and shorter baking times, while large-capacity air fryers can handle increased quantities and longer baking times. For example, when making chocolate brownies, if using a small-capacity air fryer, control the batter thickness to 1-2 cm and reduce the baking time to 10-12 minutes. If using a large-capacity air fryer, increase the batter thickness to 3-4 cm and extend the baking time to 15-20 minutes.


Additionally, adjusting the air fryer’s temperature can cater to different baking needs. For small-capacity air fryers, set the temperature slightly lower to prevent the surface from browning too quickly while the inside remains undercooked. For large-capacity air fryers, increase the temperature to speed up the baking process.


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Due to the extensive content, we will share these tips in two parts. Stay tuned! In the next article, we will reveal more advanced techniques, such as how to choose high-quality chocolate ingredients, process and melt chocolate effectively, and introduce some innovative chocolate dessert ideas. Join us in exploring more chocolate dessert baking skills and enjoy the fun of cooking and the delicious experience of chocolate.


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