How does an air fryer oven work and why should I buy one?
What is an air fryer oven? Well, simply put, it's a compact oven with a built-in fan. By circulating real hot air around your food at high speed using Fast Air Technology (sounds impressive, right?), the air fryer will "fry" using a fraction of the oil you would normally use for frying "Your food. So it's not only faster and less energy-intensive than cooking food in the oven, it's also healthier. While you'll need to invest upfront (if you're not already in love with frying), it definitely doesn't pay for itself when you think about all the money you typically spend on takeout and dining out in time. And don't forget, everything you buy from us comes with our 3-year warranty, so you'll know you're getting your money's worth.

Why buy an air fryer oven?

Still need persuasion? Here are some more delicious reasons: golden crispy fish fillets, crispy outside and fluffy chips inside, homemade chicken or vegetable cubes ready to dip in your favorite sauce, chicken wings by hand (with your own herbs and spices) special concoctions – sorry Colonel), burgers, buffalo cauliflower bites, Chinese-style crispy duck (pancakes can never be enough, right?) – and more. You can even make cupcakes in an air fryer oven, so desserts are sorted. All without turning on the oven or using a lot of oil.

What else can I do with an air fryer oven?
Did we mention chips? Chunky fries. Skinny fries, french fries. Sweet potato fries and wedges. Vegetable chips, anyone? The humble potato chips come in all shapes and sizes, and the air fryer can cook them all with the same crisp texture and flavor as deep frying. And only a teaspoon of oil. You can also really up your chip game by trying flavored oils, like chili for a cheeky kick, or a sprinkling of herbs or spices. Is it time for lunch?

In addition to all the delicious foods we've talked about above, you can also use the air fryer to make pork chops, healthier steaks, salmon fillets, and juicy chicken breasts. If you like pub classics like lobster or onion rings, you can freeze them without oil at all. Shows you how versatile air frying is. Before you ask: yes, you can also cook fish sticks. ?