What does an air fryer oven mean for my cooking?
OK, now that you're back from checking out your oven, let's talk about what this difference in airflow means for your cooking process. A convection oven can be part of a gas or electric oven, so if you prefer one type of oven for baking, you can use a convection oven and still cook with gas instead of an electric oven and vice versa. A convection oven circulates oven heat throughout the oven space, which means you'll get more even cooking or roasting on your dishes than conventional ovens and their stagnant heat sources. Food can often be cooked faster because heat remains more consistent and there are no cold or hot air pockets like traditional ovens. You also don't have to deal with rising oven heat and cooking food unevenly - usually this shows up as more cooked food on the top and less cooked on the bottom. This is useful for recipes where you want to cook foods like meat and fish more evenly. The vent section of the convection oven feature also helps to drain moisture out of the oven, which keeps your food crisper and fresher, perfect for veggies or baked chips! Therefore, the benefits of a convection oven are numerous - faster cooking, crisper final product, and more even cooking.