HYSapientia found in customer feedback in the first half of this year that our ovens are very popular in the UK and US markets.

There are also some customers who say our regular styles are higher end, which makes them not consider paying in the first place and compare us to other brands.

With this in mind, the HYSapientia R&D team has completed a new creation, a small air fryer oven. With the functions of the basic model, it is smaller than the basic model and easier to place in the kitchen.

Features of the HYSapientia Mini Air Fryer Oven:

1. The 15L capacity is still larger than 90% of the air fryers on the market.
2. The product material is made of stainless steel, making cooking safer and healthier. (no plastic used)
3. Temperature preset, cook at will. (same as base model)
4. Small size, can be installed anywhere
5. Air fryer + mini oven + toaster, combining the functions of three traditional appliances.

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