HYSapientia becomes part of a warm world and works for a better future

  HYSapientia is committed to improving society and the environment while continuing to expand our brand influence. Through initiatives in multiple areas, we contribute to the improvement of society and the environment. This blog details our notable achievements in November and how we are using our brand to create positive impact for a more sustainable future. Constantly taking action to help people, improve lives and warm the world.

Support communities and charities

  In north-east Scotland, Stella's Voice in Peterhead received a call from local social services. They referred a gentleman who had just moved into his first social housing. When he stepped into his new home, he found it was empty, with no bed, nothing to sit on, let alone equipment for cooking.

    Stella's Voice acted quickly and provided a Hysapientia air fryer oven for free. This free donation changed everything. Now this gentleman can cook healthy meals for himself at a fraction of the cost. Through our support, Reuse Network helps member charities provide daily necessities to people in need. This is a story about changing lives, co-written by Stella's Voice and HYSapientia.


Hysapientia’s donation brings nutritious meals to refugee families in local school community

  In November 2023, we donated five air fryers to Stella's Voice. They were contacted by local school principals and support workers who mentioned three families who were in urgent need of help.

  The school specializes in educating refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine, while supporting children with additional needs. These families came to Scotland after the war and had to rebuild their lives from scratch. Our donation gives them hope that they will be able to cook nutritious family meals in their new home. This is our gift to provide hope and nourishment to refugee families.


HYSapientia and ILM Highland build hope and sustainability together

  We have been working hard to find partners with opportunities to work together to create a positive impact on society and the environment. ILM Highland is an independent charity and social enterprise in the Highlands of Scotland, providing home improvement, electronics recycling and retail services to the Highlands.

  ILM Highland is well known for their excellent electronic equipment recycling service. Based in Alness, they not only sell high-quality refurbished appliances, but also offer affordable new ones. In addition, the charity provides spare parts and repair services for numerous electronic devices, ensuring that old, unwanted laptops do not end up in landfill.

  Most encouragingly, proceeds from the sales of our donated appliances will be reinvested back into their communities to support vulnerable people who need help at home. This is a story about building hope and sustainability, written by HYSapientia and ILM Highland together, for a better future.