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How to Properly Install and Use Your New Air Fryer for the First Time

Are you eagerly anticipating using your new air fryer but feeling a bit confused about the installation and initial use? As an experienced air fryer manufacturer, HYSapientia has witnessed many users encountering...

Are you eagerly anticipating using your new air fryer but feeling a bit confused about the installation and initial use? As an experienced air fryer manufacturer, HYSapientia has witnessed many users encountering various issues and difficulties when using their air fryers. We understand how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to face a new device without knowing where to start. That’s why we have prepared this detailed guide to help you successfully complete the installation and initial use of your air fryer. Through this blog, we will guide you step by step on how to correctly unbox, install, clean, and use your air fryer, allowing you to easily get started and enjoy healthy and delicious meals.


Unboxing and Inspection


Check the Packaging and Accessories


When you open the box of your new air fryer, the first step is to check all accessories for air fryer inside to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. Follow the checklist provided in the manual, verifying each item such as the main unit, frying basket, baking tray, manual, and other additional accessories like the grill rack, divider, and air fryer cover. Make sure every accessory is present. Next, carefully inspect each component’s appearance to ensure there are no scratches, cracks, or other damages. Pay special attention to the main unit and the inner pot to ensure they are intact and undamaged. If you find any issues, immediately contact customer service for replacement or repair.


Initial Inspection


After confirming that all accessories are complete and in good condition, proceed with a more detailed inspection. First, check the power cord and plug to ensure there are no exposed or broken parts, and the metal parts of the plug should not be bent or rusted. Gently pull the power cord to ensure a firm connection. Additionally, check if the inner pot and heating elements are clean and undamaged. Lightly touch the heating elements to ensure they are securely fixed and not loose. Also, check the coating of the inner pot to ensure it is intact without any peeling or scratches.


Installation and Placement


Choose the Right Location


Finding the right place to put your air fryer is crucial for safe and effective use. The air fryer should be placed in a well-ventilated area with enough space around it, maintaining at least 10 centimeters distance from walls to ensure proper heat dissipation. Additionally, the air fryer should be placed out of children’s reach, such as on a high countertop or in a kitchen corner, to prevent accidental burns or other injuries.


Power Requirements


Make sure the socket’s voltage and current match the requirements of the air fryer. Most air fryers require 220V voltage, so check carefully before use. To prevent circuit overload, it is recommended to use a dedicated socket for the air fryer and avoid sharing it with other high-power appliances. If possible, provide a separate power outlet for the air fryer.


Safety Measures for Initial Use


To ensure safe use of the air fryer, take some necessary safety measures. Place a non-slip mat under the air fryer to increase its stability and prevent it from moving or tipping during operation. Additionally, avoid placing the air fryer near flammable materials such as curtains and paper towels. Make sure to keep it away from open flames or other heat sources to prevent fire hazards.


Initial Cleaning of Your New Air Fryer


Preparation for Cleaning


Before using the air fryer for the first time, it is essential to thoroughly clean it. First, remove all detachable parts such as the frying basket and baking tray. Carefully read the manual to understand how to properly disassemble and reassemble these parts to avoid damaging the device. Initial cleaning is not only for hygiene but also to remove any odors and dust that might have been left during manufacturing and shipping.


Cleaning Steps


Once the preparation is complete, start cleaning each part. Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the frying basket, baking tray, and other accessories thoroughly. Wipe the inner pot and other components with a soft cloth, avoiding the use of abrasive tools like steel wool to prevent scratching the surface. During the cleaning process, be careful not to let water enter the electrical parts to avoid damaging the device. After cleaning, dry all parts completely to ensure no residual moisture before reassembling.


Removing Plastic Smell by Preheating


To remove the new plastic smell from the air fryer, you can perform a preheating process. Run the air fryer empty for 10-15 minutes at a medium temperature setting. This helps to eliminate the odor from the new device. Additionally, you can wipe the inner pot with lemon water or vinegar water to further remove any residual smells. After preheating, check if there is still any odor in the inner pot to ensure that it does not affect the taste of your food in subsequent uses.


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First Use


Preheating Operation


Preheating is a crucial step to ensure effective cooking. Before starting to cook, set the preheating time and temperature according to the manual, typically for 3-5 minutes. Preheating allows the air fryer to reach the optimal cooking temperature, enhancing the cooking effect and reducing actual cooking time for more evenly heated food.


Testing the Air Fryer


For the first use of the air fryer, you can choose some simple foods like potato chips or bread slices to test its function and effect. This not only tests the device’s functionality but also helps you become familiar with the operation process. During the test, pay attention to the evenness of cooking and the doneness of the food to evaluate the device’s performance and ease of use.


Precautions for the First Use of the Air Fryer


Avoid Overloading


When using the air fryer for the first time, avoid piling food too high to ensure the air can circulate freely within the basket. This ensures that each piece of food is evenly heated, preventing some parts from being overcooked or undercooked. For large quantities of food, it is recommended to cook in batches to ensure the best cooking effect for each batch.


Proper Food Placement


To ensure even heating of the food, you can use a grill rack to elevate the food, increasing air circulation. Distribute the food evenly in the basket to avoid concentration in one spot, which can lead to uneven heating. Additionally, you can adjust the height and position of the grill rack based on the type and quantity of food to ensure optimal cooking results.


Stirring and Turning


During the cooking process, timely stirring or turning the food ensures that each side is evenly heated, enhancing the cooking effect. Use specialized stirring or turning tools, such as high-temperature resistant silicone spatulas, to avoid damaging the inner pot. When turning the food, handle it gently to prevent breaking the food or damaging the inner pot.


Oil Control


Controlling the amount of oil used in the air fryer is very important. Use a spray bottle to lightly spray a small amount of oil, preventing excessive smoke while ensuring the food is healthy and delicious. Choose oils suitable for high-temperature cooking, such as olive oil or coconut oil, to enhance the flavor of the food and ensure healthy cooking.


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Use of Seasonings


To enhance the flavor of the food, you can marinate it with seasonings in advance. Adjust the marinating time and types of seasonings according to personal taste. Before cooking, evenly sprinkle the seasonings on the food surface to avoid concentrating the flavors in one spot, ensuring that each piece of food fully absorbs the seasonings.


How to Properly Maintain the Air Fryer for Longer Use


Cleaning After Each Use


After each use of the air fryer, immediately clean the inner pot and accessories to prevent food residues from sticking and becoming difficult to clean. For stubborn stains, soak them in warm water for a while before cleaning to ensure thorough cleanliness. Regular cleaning not only maintains the hygiene of the device but also extends its lifespan.


Cleaning the Heating Elements


After the first use, regularly check the heating elements to ensure there is no grease buildup. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the heating elements, avoiding the use of hard objects that can scratch and damage them. During the cleaning process, be careful not to let water enter the electrical parts to prevent short circuits or other faults.


Maintenance of Air Fryer Accessories


To prolong the lifespan of the accessories, avoid using metal tools that can scratch the surface during cleaning, and use soft cloths or sponges instead. Based on the frequency of use, regularly replace worn accessories to ensure the normal operation and best cooking effect of the device.


Common Air Fryer Problems and Solutions


Troubleshooting Common Air Fryer Issues


During the first use, you might encounter some common issues. For instance, if the heating is uneven, check the placement and stirring of the food to ensure even heating. If there is excessive noise, check if the air fryer is placed stably and if the fan is functioning properly. For odor issues, perform a preheating process and wipe with lemon water.


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Contacting Customer Service and Warranty Services


If you encounter problems that cannot be resolved, retain your purchase receipt and warranty card, and promptly contact the brand's customer service for professional assistance. Most brands offer a certain period of free repair services to ensure user rights.


HYSapientia shop offers a two-year warranty on all air fryer products. Check out the air fryers on sale.

Tell Us About Your Experience


After purchasing and using your HYSapientia air fryer, we sincerely invite you to record your experiences and feedback. This will not only help you make improvements in future use but also provide valuable references for other users. Share your insights on social media or our brand’s website; your feedback will be crucial for us to continually enhance our product quality and user experience. We encourage you to gather feedback from family or friends and adjust accordingly to further improve cooking results. By continuously summarizing and optimizing your operating steps, you will find using the HYSapientia air fryer more intuitive, creating more delicious dishes. Every comment and feedback you provide is significant, helping us to offer better products and services for you and other users.


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