Cleaning Technique

Cleaning all accessories with hot water, soap, and a soft sponge prior to use is recommended. You should also use a wet cloth to wipe the inside and exterior of the air fryer oven.

How to Clean an Oven Door Made of Glass

Use baking soda to make a paste.
Because glass is more likely to scratch than oven racks, oven glass doors need to be handled more carefully. This includes staying away from harsh cleaners and adopting gentler scrubbing techniques.

To clean the oven door glass without scratching it, make a thick paste by combining baking soda and water. Let the paste lie on the glass for at least 20 minutes after liberally applying it. Next, the paste needs to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, thoroughly washed with water, and dried for a shining appearance.

Cleaning the oven knobs for an air fryer oven

Clean the knobs with a microfiber cloth.
On and around the knobs, a basic microfiber rag that has been gently dampened can be used. If the task calls for them, use disposable or soapy wipes.

Employ a cleaner for the air fryer oven

After getting rid of any large loose objects, spray the interior of the oven with the cleaner of your choice and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. The cleanser removes the grease and particles so you can quickly wipe it off.

Because of how potent these chemicals are, opening windows and cleaning the oven while shielded from the sun are advised.

How to Clean the Accessories for an Air Fryer Oven

Your accessories will be most thoroughly cleaned if you soak them in hot water for at least two hours. Once the time has passed, a brush should have no trouble removing the residue. Detergent can be added to hot water to make it easier to wipe away grease from accessories. Of course, having a dishwasher will make your job easier.

How frequently should the HYSapientia air fryer oven be cleaned?

Our recommendation is to clean once every 45 days if you plan to perform local cleaning after each cooking.

Our advice is to clean your oven every 25–30 days if you never do.

Our top priority is our health, so keeping the oven clean is very important.

A Few Cleaning Tips for the Interior of Your Air Fryer Oven

1.To collect the oil from fried food and to make cleanup easier, always set the crumb tray at the bottom of the frying chamber.

2. It is advised to line the baking tray and Crumb Tray with aluminium foil for simple cleanup.

3. When baking high-fat foods, you can wrap them in aluminium foil to keep the moisture and fat in (it will not become brittle)

4. After each cooking session, use a sponge or rag to clean the oven door or the stained area; the key to keeping it clean is diligent labour.