HYSapeintia Air Fryer Oven Customer Q&A Service


 Q: What is the difference between our oven and microwave?

 A: Our oven is not a microwave oven. The air fryer oven is a combination of an air fryer and a mini oven, which has the advantages of both products. At the same time, we have a similar function to microwave ovens - heating food.

 Q: The voltage of the plug is 120v, can I use it in the UK without any converter etc?
      A: This oven comes with a proper BS plug, 240V, so you can use it in the UK without any converters safely.

Q: How do I use the preset function on the oven?
     A: We have ten preset functions, each preset time and temperature is just a reference value. You can use our preset temperatures or adjust the temperature and time according to the recipe. The joy of cooking is to do whatever you want

Q: Can you provide recipes?
    A: Yes, you can enjoy a free recipe with the purchase of our oven.

Q: How to set the temperature or time?
    A: There are buttons for controlling temperature and time on the oven control panel on the left side of the display. If you want to control the temperature, press the button for temperature, and then you can adjust the cooking temperature you want through the knob on the right.

Q: Do we have warranty?
    A: We provide a one-year warranty service, you can follow our website, Facebook, INS, TikTok, to get after-sales service for more products.


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