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How to Make Fermented Foods Using an Air Fryer?

  (Method of Making Fermented Foods with Low-Temperature Fermentation Using an Air Fryer)   In previous blogs and communities, HYSapientia shared many air fryer recipes for baking, frying, and grilling. But have you ever...


(Method of Making Fermented Foods with Low-Temperature Fermentation Using an Air Fryer)


In previous blogs and communities, HYSapientia shared many air fryer recipes for baking, frying, and grilling. But have you ever wondered if there are other uses for an air fryer beyond just making chicken wings and fries? Today, we reveal a new use: making fermented foods with an air fryer. Fermented foods offer many health benefits, and the air fryer's low-temperature setting can easily handle the fermentation process. Sounds amazing, right? HYSapientia tested how to make fermented yogurt and natto with an air fryer, helping you enjoy these delicious and healthy foods at home. Let's dive in!


I. Overview of Fermented Foods


What are fermented foods?

Fermented foods are those that undergo chemical changes through the metabolic actions of microorganisms. Fermentation not only improves the taste and shelf life of food but also increases its nutritional value. Common fermented foods include yogurt, natto, kimchi, and sauerkraut.


Health benefits of fermented foods

Fermented foods are rich in probiotics, which help balance gut flora and improve digestive function. Fermentation can also break down certain hard-to-digest components, making food easier for the body to absorb. For instance, the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can break down lactose, making it suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals. Natto contains nattokinase, which is believed to have anti-thrombotic properties, beneficial for cardiovascular health.


II. Can an Air Fryer Make Fermented Foods?

You might be wondering, isn't an air fryer just for making fries and chicken wings? How can it be used to make fermented foods? Actually, the versatility of an air fryer is beyond your imagination! It can cook at high temperatures and, with its low-temperature setting, become a mini fermentation tool. The low-temperature setting of an air fryer is perfect for the constant temperature environment needed for fermentation. Making fermented foods like yogurt and natto hinges on maintaining a stable low temperature. An air fryer can be set to around 40°C, which is ideal for many fermentation processes. With the right methods and techniques, your air fryer can transform into a handy tool for making fermented foods at home!


Imagine using your air fryer, usually for making fries, to create healthy homemade yogurt or sticky natto. Doesn't that sound both fun and rewarding? Let's explore how to make these fermented foods with an air fryer and uncover new ways to use it!


III. Making Fermented Yogurt with an Air Fryer


Required Materials and Equipment

  • Whole milk or low-fat milk
  • Yogurt culture or store-bought unsweetened yogurt
  • Glass container (heat-resistant, with a lid)
  • Air fryer


Detailed Steps

  • Prepare the milk:Pour the milk into a pot, heat it to about 85°C, then cool it to 40° This step helps kill harmful bacteria in the milk and provides a suitable environment for the probiotics to grow.
  • Mix the culture:Add the yogurt culture or 2 tablespoons of store-bought unsweetened yogurt to the cooled milk and stir well.
  • Pour into the container: Pour the mixture into the glass container and cover it with the lid.


Fermentation Process

Place the glass container in the air fryer, set the temperature to 40°C, and the time to 6-8 hours. During this time, the air fryer will maintain a constant temperature, promoting the growth of the culture in the milk, thus completing the yogurt fermentation process.


Tips and Tricks

  • Temperature control: The fermentation temperature should stay at 40° Too high or too low temperatures will affect the fermentation outcome.
  • Time adjustment: Adjust the fermentation time based on personal taste. The longer the time, the stronger the sourness.


IV. Making Fermented Natto with an Air Fryer


Required Materials and Equipment

  • Dry soybeans
  • Natto culture (can be obtained from store-bought natto)
  • Glass or plastic container (with a lid)
  • Air fryer


Detailed Steps

  • Prepare the soybeans:Soak the soybeans for more than 12 hours to ensure they are fully hydrated and swollen. Then cook the soybeans until soft, about 1-2 hours.
  • Mix the culture: Mix the natto culture with the cooked soybeans and stir well, ensuring each soybean is coated with the culture.
  • Pour into the container:Pour the mixture into the container and cover it, but do not seal it completely to allow some air circulation.


Fermentation Process

Place the container in the air fryer, set the temperature to 40°C, and the time to 24 hours. This longer process ensures the natto's stickiness and flavor develop fully.


Tips and Tricks

  • Fermentation time: 24 hours is an ideal time, but adjust according to actual conditions. If the natto's stickiness is insufficient, extend the fermentation time.
  • Hygiene:Maintain high hygiene standards during fermentation to avoid contamination. Ensure all utensils and containers are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.


V. Recording and Improving Air Fryer Fermented Foods


Record Each Making Process

Detailed records of each operation are crucial for continuously improving and optimizing recipes. This way, you can achieve fermented foods that suit your taste in the air fryer. Record important information such as:



  • Brand and type of milk or soybeans.
  • Source of the culture (homemade culture, store-bought yogurt, natto, etc.).


Temperature and Time:


  • Start and end times of fermentation.
  • Air fryer temperature settings.


Process Observation:


  • Any abnormalities during fermentation, such as excess liquid overflow or changes in smell.
  • Record changes in the ingredients every few hours, like the yogurt's thickness and natto's stickiness.

Quality of the Finished Product:


  • Taste, texture, and flavor of the finished product after fermentation.
  • Feedback from family or friends on the finished product.


Improvement Measures

Based on recorded data, you can make the following improvements:

Adjusting Fermentation Temperature:


  • If the temperature is too high, the yogurt may become too sour or the natto too sticky; lowering the temperature can help improve these issues.
  • If the temperature is too low, fermentation may be incomplete. Increasing the temperature can boost the culture's activity.

Adjusting Fermentation Time:


  • The fermentation time for yogurt can be adjusted based on personal taste. The longer the fermentation, the more sour the yogurt, and vice versa.
  • Natto usually requires 24 hours of fermentation. Adjust the time based on the desired stickiness and taste.


Changing Cultures:


Different brands or sources of cultures can significantly impact fermentation outcomes. Experiment with different cultures to find the best combination.


Optimizing Ingredients:


  • Using milk with different fat contents can affect the taste of yogurt.
  • Soaking and cooking times for soybeans can also affect the final quality of natto. Try different methods to find the best approach.


HYSapientia's Actual Test Sharing

Improving Yogurt Texture

During the first attempt to make yogurt with an air fryer, HYSapientia set the fermentation temperature to 40°C and the time to 8 hours. The final yogurt had a good consistency but was slightly sour. The second attempt reduced the fermentation time to 6 hours, resulting in a less sour but still smooth yogurt. Through multiple experiments, the optimal fermentation time was found to be 7 hours. Therefore, when making fermented foods with an air fryer, continuously adjusting time and temperature is necessary to achieve the desired taste. You can use the dual air fryer uk to make two types of fermented foods simultaneously, saving time while getting two delicious products. HYSapientia recommends the best-selling air fryer UK, the HYSapientia 22L Digital Dual Zone Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie, to make your air fryer black Friday shopping more valuable and versatile.

Enhancing Natto Stickiness

In the initial attempt to make natto with an air fryer, HYSapientia soaked the soybeans for 12 hours, cooked them, and set the fermentation temperature to 40°C for 24 hours. The result showed insufficient stickiness. By increasing the soaking time to 18 hours and extending the fermentation time to 30 hours, better stickiness and flavor were achieved.


Common Issues in Making Fermented Foods with an Air Fryer

Unstable Temperature:

  • Use an independent thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the air fryer to ensure it stays constant.
  • Adjust the air fryer settings as needed if you notice significant temperature fluctuations.

Overly Sour or Insufficiently Thick Product:


  • Shorten the fermentation time, especially in hot summer.
  • Increase the amount of culture to ensure enough active cultures in each batch.

Incomplete Fermentation:


  • Check the freshness and activity of the culture. If the culture is ineffective, replace it with a new one.
  • Preheat the air fryer to bring the internal temperature closer to the set temperature before adding the fermentation ingredients.


With detailed records and continuous improvement, everyone can use an air fryer to make perfect fermented foods, making your air fryer black Friday shopping more valuable and versatile.


VI. Expanding Air Fryer Uses


Making Other Fermented Foods with an Air Fryer

Besides yogurt and natto, the air fryer can also be used to make other fermented foods like fermented vegetables and dough. For example, you can use the air fryer to make kimchi, similar to making yogurt and natto. Just mix chopped vegetables with salt and spices, put them in a sealed container, and ferment them in the air fryer.


Creative Recipes for Air Fryer Fermented Foods

Fermented foods can be enjoyed on their own and used to make various creative dishes. For example, fermented yogurt can be used to make yogurt fruit salad, and natto can be combined with rice and vegetables to make natto sushi. Experimenting with different combinations and recipes can add more health and flavor to your family meals.


VII. Conclusion: Shop for the Best Air Fryers UK at HYSapientia

HYSapientia explored various methods for making fermented foods with an air fryer, from yogurt to natto to other potential fermented foods. These methods are not only simple and easy to follow but also make full use of the air fryer's versatility, adding more healthy options to our daily diet. Detailed records and continuous improvement are key to optimizing the process and making more delicious and healthy fermented foods. We hope this detailed manual will inspire your interest in making air fryer foods. Shop for the best air fryers in the UK at HYSapientia and make your air fryer black Friday shopping more fulfilling and fun!


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