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Avoiding Pitfalls Based on Negative Reviews: What Should I Consider When Buying an Air Fryer?

  This article integrates advice partly from authentic reviews by Amazon purchasers, notably "neutral" and "follow-up" comments, alongside my personal experience. It aims to enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of...


This article integrates advice partly from authentic reviews by Amazon purchasers, notably "neutral" and "follow-up" comments, alongside my personal experience. It aims to enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of various brands and models, providing a genuine and reliable reference. Initially, I advise against purchasing overly expensive air fryers, as it's unnecessary. Given the fierce competition and mature technology in this industry, the technological difference between products is minimal, with little variation within the same tier.


Before purchasing, be aware of some air fryer drawbacks


  • Since air fryers use little or no oil, the food produced isn't as juicy and tends to be dryer than deep-fried food. "Steam tender roasting" might improve this but can't achieve the crispiness of deep-fried food. (Note: Only high-fat meats like pork belly, chicken wings, and squid can be cooked without additional oil. Other foods benefit from a light oil brushing.)
  • Cleaning the basket can be somewhat bothersome, especially after cooking meats, so don't wait for animal fats to solidify before cleaning. Using foil can eliminate the need for cleaning, but it has its drawbacks, such as not heating the bottom of the food and causing juices and fats to stick to the meat, affecting the final product. To mitigate these issues, some air fryers now feature air fryer baskets for ovens, enhancing versatility and ease of cleaning.
  • Compared to ovens, air fryers have a narrower temperature control range, but the impact is minor.
  • Air fryers aren't as suitable for baking bread or cakes. However, the innovation of the air fryer pizza oven comboand cooks air fryer toaster oven has greatly expanded their culinary range, allowing for more diverse baking and cooking options.
  • Cooking fatty foods can produce some smoke.
  • There's a bit of noise, but it's mainly from the fan and isn't very loud.
  • The capacity is limited, not suitable for large families. However, the introduction of larger models like the2 door air fryer oven has made it possible to cater to bigger gatherings, breaking past limitations.


The air bake feature in some models replicates the effect of convection baking, offering an enhanced cooking experience. If you're wondering where can I sell my air fryer, online marketplaces provide platforms for selling used appliances. This can be useful for those looking to upgrade to the latest models, such as those air fryer advertised on tv, which often boast the newest features.


Who Should Consider an Air Fryer


Despite its drawbacks, the air fryer's popularity isn't without merit, as it suits certain scenarios well.


  • Air fryers are particularly suited for workers living in rented accommodations with small kitchens, where its compact size is more practical than a bulky oven.
  • Ideal for those who cook frequently but dislike dishwashing or spending hours preparing meals.
  • Especially suitable for fitness enthusiasts and dieting individuals needing to control fat intake.
  • For households already owning an oven, an air fryer can serve as a supplementary device for occasionally roasting chicken legs, fries, sweet potatoes, lamb kebabs, etc.


Advantages of Air Fryers


  • No need for preheating and quick temperature rise make it convenient for small meals within 20 minutes, such as fries, chicken wings, and roasted meats.
  • Enables homemade versions of fast-food snacks like roasted chicken wings, legs, sausages, and onion rings, along with sweet potatoes, dried fruits, and beef jerky.
  • Mid-tier brands offer lower prices, with units available around 100 pounds.
  • Uses minimal oil to achieve effects similar to deep frying, significantly reducing fat intake compared to deep-fried foods.
  • Refrying in an air fryer can enhance crispiness.
  • Can defrost frozen meats.


How to Choose an Air Fryer


If you're okay with the cons and like the pros, here's how to go about selecting one:

Capacity: Contrary to common advice, opting for larger than smaller sizes is better. For example, a 7.5-liter air fryer is adequate for personal use. Models allowing multi-layer cooking or dual-zone air fryers, like the HYSapientia 22L Digital Dual Zone Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie, not only offer large capacities but also the capability to cook two dishes simultaneously, ensuring a good user experience even with slightly smaller sizes.

Styles: Available in five types: dial, touch control, touch control with visual display, top-lift dial, and top-lift touch control. The first three are traditional "drawer-style" old models, while the last two are "top-lift" new models.

Power: Not crucial; 1100-1500 watts are generally adequate.

Visibility: Preferably with a glass window to monitor cooking progress.

Air circulation design: Facilitates faster and more even cooking, though its importance is often overstated.

Ease of cleaning: Difficulty cleaning is a main reason for air fryers being left idle. Fortunately, detachable baskets and non-stick coatings make cleaning easier.

Price: Avoid overly expensive models; the competitive and mature market means little technological variance between models of the same tier.

Brand selection: Premium brands cost more, often without justifying the price. Mid-tier brands offer good value and should be considered, especially with good customer service.


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