Signs are everywhere, whether it’s a business sign on a store front, a neighborhood sign at the entrance of a housing development, or a welcome sign when entering a city. Thousands of dollars can be invested into the design, manufacturing, and installation of a sign, to then realize it needs to be illuminated. But quite often it will be determined that there is no near-by power source available.

In this case there are three options:

1. Do not light up the sign, leaving it in darkness and unseen by passersby during the night hours.

2. Find a mains power source, and possibly spend tens of thousands of dollars trenching and running cables to the sign. Also take into account for possible permitting, the installation of a meter and the monthly fees associated with it.

3. To use a solar powered lighting system. That’s where we come in!

When it comes to lighting a sign with solar, we can approach it in two ways. We can supply our light fixtures along with the necessary equipment such as a solar panel, batteries, charge controller, and battery enclosure. Or, if you have LEDs already installed in or on the sign, or have a specific light fixture you want to use, we can just supply the solar system to power them. We just need to know the power consumption of the lights, and how long you want them on for each night. This could be dusk to dawn, or for anywhere between 1 to 16 hours.