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Showcasing Innovation and Strengthening Connections: HYSapientia's Exhibition Success Story

From March 13th to March 15th, 2024, HYSapientia, a leading British air fryer company, held a product exhibition at its industrial plant area. This event was a cornerstone in showcasing...

From March 13th to March 15th, 2024, HYSapientia, a leading British air fryer company, held a product exhibition at its industrial plant area. This event was a cornerstone in showcasing our latest innovations in air fryer accessories and fostering relationships with both existing and potential customers. Our preparation for the event started immediately after receiving the company notice, with meticulous planning and a clear strategy to ensure our exhibition's success.

                                                           HYSapientia Company exhibition process


Pre-Exhibition Preparations

One of our first and most crucial tasks was to extend invitations to our clients. After finalizing our exhibition booth, we crafted and sent out invitations, highlighting the event's name, dates, and a teaser of our newest air fryer accessories. These invitations were dispatched about a month before the event to ensure our clients had ample time to plan their visit.

During the Exhibition

The exhibition days were a bustling hive of activity. Our sales team embraced a bold and meticulous approach when interacting with visitors. We ensured that every guest was warmly welcomed and that we initiated conversations without hesitation. Understanding the competitive landscape of professional exhibitions, we also engaged in strategic communications with our competitors. Such interactions were invaluable, allowing us to gather industry insights and better understand our position within the market.


Receiving old customers, we took the opportunity to ask for referrals and inquire about their future needs, including specific products and quantities. For new customers, we were keen to understand their business, whether they were manufacturers or distributors, and their product requirements. Given the high visitor volume, capturing detailed contact information was essential for follow-ups. In cases where a visitor was not the purchasing decision-maker, we sought referrals to the appropriate contacts within their organization.


Resource collection was another critical activity. Our sales team leveraged the opportunity to establish channels for future industry information and exchanged promotional materials and samples with media representatives and customers. This practice underscored the importance of resource sharing and complementarity.

                                                HYSapientia's new product - Air Fryer accessory


Post-Exhibition Activities

After the exhibition, our work was far from over. We organized the records of customer interactions during the exhibition and initiated communication to further engage and connect. Emails were sent out reflecting on the exhibition, thanking clients for their attention, and, for major clients, prioritizing our outreach. For a personal touch, we sent out photos taken with clients during the event as a memento.


Responses to our emails were carefully reviewed to understand clients' real intentions and feedback. This enabled us to tailor our replies and provide detailed product quotes as requested. Follow-up was key; if initial emails did not receive a response, we reached out again after a week with altered content or made direct calls to gauge the possibility of further cooperation.


Reflections and Achievements

The exhibition was not only a platform to showcase our latest products but also a vital opportunity to strengthen our industry connections and gather invaluable market insights. The interactions with both new and old customers have provided us with a clear direction for our product development and customer service strategies. Moreover, our engagement with competitors and industry peers was a reminder of the importance of understanding our market position and the ongoing need for innovation.


The post-exhibition phase has been equally crucial in cementing the relationships initiated during the event. Our structured follow-up process has ensured that potential leads are nurtured towards conversion, reinforcing HYSapientia's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


As we reflect on the success of our exhibition, it is evident that the efforts of the HYSapientia team have not only contributed to the event's success but have also laid a solid foundation for future growth. Our experience and learnings from this event will undoubtedly shape our approach to future exhibitions and customer engagement strategies, driving HYSapientia towards continued success in the air fryer industry.


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