Ronaldo: A superstar struggling with controversy

Cristiano Ronaldo, born in 1985, is a superstar who stands shoulder to shoulder with Messi, and is also a handsome spokesperson. Ronaldo was once called "great" because the Portugal team he was in was not a weak team, but it was not too strong either. Cristiano Ronaldo supported the entire team by himself, which is the most touching label of the superstar and a story in the World Cup.



Messi: The whole world expects him to fulfill his dream


This is his fifth World Cup trip in his career. From the young Messi to the uncle Messi, fans all over the world expect him to lead the Argentina team to the championship. The career of a generation of football champions should not leave regrets. The only gem in the crown, Messi deserves it.

Modric: The Lonely Figure of the Poet of Tragedy

At the World Cup in Russia four years ago, the "new golden generation" of the Croatian team became the biggest dark horse. Since there was no existence at all, I felt that all the way through adversity and reached the final. Although I failed to win the championship in the end, this indomitable team and the tragic story of many players growing up from the war swept the entire football world.


Benzema: Uncle Beard's final battle

Benzema, born in 1987, will celebrate his 35th birthday during the World Cup. The French striker, who won the Ballon d'Or this year, would be perfect if he had another World Cup winner.


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