Due to the high cost of living, you may be looking for more ways to save energy without turning on your main oven. We have many other options for you to consider. Try slow cooking -- it's great for making the most of cheaper cuts of meat and batch cooking to build frozen, nutritious meals to feed your family. Read our blog to learn how to get the most out of each ingredient and reduce food waste.

If you're only cooking for one person, use an air fryer oven - we don't just mean heating ready-to-eat meals. You might be surprised by the versatility of an air fryer oven. It's also worth considering a multipurpose pot. These multitasking wonders can do everything in the kitchen -- from cooking rice to making cakes to making curries and casseroles.

Finally, a long-time customer favorite, the HYSapientia can do just about everything your air fryer can do and use only a fraction of the electricity.

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