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How to Select the Perfect Air Fryer for Your Household?

  In daily kitchen life, the air fryer is a frequently used small appliance. When purchasing an air fryer, besides focusing on the product's features and performance, it is more important to...


In daily kitchen life, the air fryer is a frequently used small appliance. When purchasing an air fryer, besides focusing on the product's features and performance, it is more important to ensure its quality. Here are some buying tips for air fryers that you can refer to during your purchase!


The Working Principle of Air Fryers

The working principle of air fryers is based on the hot air flow principle. It generates hot air through a high-temperature heating element and then uses a fan to blow the hot air into the pot to heat the food. This process circulates the hot air in a closed space, frying the food with its own grease, which dehydrates the food and turns its surface golden brown and crispy. The high-speed air circulation technology is the core of the air fryer, evenly heating the surface of the food for a more comprehensive and stable cooking process.


How to Choose an Air Fryer

Choose Professional Brands

Professional brands are more trustworthy as they focus on technological development and strive for perfection in temperature control accuracy, heating efficiency, and energy decay, among other core performances. Material quality is also more reliable with professional brands, unlike inferior products that often use substandard materials. HYSapientia is a professional British air fryer brand, aiming to bring people a more comfortable, smart, and green life with excellent customer service and warranty.



Air fryers can be categorized into two types based on capacity: small and large. Small air fryers have a capacity of about 5-15L, while large ones range from 15-24L. For a family of three, a capacity of 10-22L is strongly recommended to avoid leftovers.


Heating Method

There are three heating methods used in air fryers: top and bottom hot air circulation, spiral 360°hot air circulation, and 360°circulation. The spiral heating method offers the best results, and thus, it's the most expensive.


  • - Spiral 360°Hot Air Circulation:The top heating device heats the air, which is then rapidly circulated in the pot by a powerful fan, in conjunction with a spiral-shaped bottom, achieving uniform heating of the food.
  • - 360°Hot Air Circulation:The most common method, which reduces the special bottom design of the spiral method, slightly reducing heating effectiveness but at a more affordable price.
  • - Top and Bottom Hot Air Circulation:Heats the air and uses a fan to circulate it through the basket, offering the least effective heating method among the three.



Spiral 360°hot air circulation > 360°circular hot air > Top and bottom hot air circulation

Control Method


Air fryers come with either knob or touch controls.

  • - KnobControl: Simple operation through turning dials to set time and temperature.
  • - Touch Control: Precise settings for timing, temperature, and food type, often with preset recipes for ease of use, especially for beginners.



Opt for air fryers around 1500W with a scientific power-to-capacity ratio. High power in small capacity models can easily burn food, while low power in large models can result in uneven and slow cooking.


Ease of Cleaning

Consider air fryers with detachable baskets and bodies for easy cleaning. Non-stick coatings on baskets also make cleaning easier. If you have a dishwasher, look for models that are dishwasher-safe to save on kitchen resources and effort.

Recommended Affordable and Efficient Air Fryers

For Basic Family Use


HYSapientia 15L Large Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie

Reasons for Recommendation: Ideal for family use with its 15L capacity, intelligent touch control, and three adjustable wind strengths. It has a visible window to monitor the cooking process without needing to flip the food. The detachable frying basket makes cleaning convenient, offering great value among basic models.

For High Value for Money


HYSapientia 24L Air fryer oven with rotisserie Toaster Oven

Reasons for Recommendation: Features 1800W power and 360°air convection for easy operation. The 24L capacity suits 8-10 people, perfect for gatherings. Utilizes micro water mist technology for healthier cooking by extracting food's natural oils while locking in moisture for juicy bites. The detachable design and non-stick coating ensure safety and ease of use.


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