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Air Fryer Troubleshooting Series Part 3: How to Replace Lost or Damaged Air Fryer Accessories?

  Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, allowing you to cook a variety of delicious dishes quickly and easily. They also simplify the cleanup process in most...


Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, allowing you to cook a variety of delicious dishes quickly and easily. They also simplify the cleanup process in most cases. However, after frequent use, you might notice the coating on your air fryer basket starting to peel. What causes this? Why does the air fryer basket start peeling? Naturally, other air fryer accessories can also show signs of wear and tear over time.


Cinch Home Services conducted a study and found that searches for “air fryer accidents” have increased by 600%. This indicates that misuse of air fryers is a common issue. Clearly, knowing how to use an air fryer correctly can improve your experience. To help users use their air fryers correctly, HYSapientia has prepared this blog to discuss how to replace lost or damaged air fryer accessories. This way, you can understand which habits to avoid and what changes might be necessary. Let's take a look!


The Importance of Accessories in Air Fryer Operation

The ability of an air fryer to quickly produce healthy and delicious food largely depends on the proper functioning of its various accessories. Each accessory plays a crucial role in the operation of the air fryer. Accessories like the basket, rack, filter, and inner pot ensure effective air circulation and even heating of the food. Without the proper functioning of these accessories, the performance and cooking results of the air fryer would be greatly compromised. Therefore, maintaining these accessories in good condition is essential.


Common Air Fryer Accessories

Air fryer accessories come in a variety of types, each with its own unique function and purpose. Understanding the use of these accessories helps in better maintenance and use of the air fryer.


  • Basket:The basket is one of the core accessories of the air fryer. Its primary function is to hold the food and allow hot air to circulate evenly. The basket is usually made of metal with a non-stick coating on the surface to prevent food from sticking and make cleaning easier. The design of the basket also takes air circulation into account, ensuring that food is evenly heated to form a crispy exterior.


  • Rack: The rack is used for cooking food in layers, which is particularly useful when you need to cook multiple types of food simultaneously. The rack elevates the food, preventing it from directly touching the bottom, thus allowing hot air to flow freely around the food. The design of the rack also prevents food oils from dripping onto the heating elements, reducing the generation of smoke.


  • Filter:The filter is used to filter oils and food residues, ensuring the cleanliness of the air fryer interior. The filter can capture oils and small debris produced during cooking, preventing them from accumulating on the heating elements, extending the air fryer's lifespan and maintaining a clean cooking environment.


  • Inner Pot:The inner pot is the foundation that holds all the accessories and supports the entire cooking process. The material and design of the inner pot directly affect the heating efficiency of the air fryer and the cooking results of the food. A high-quality inner pot can ensure even heating and prevent food from sticking and burning.


  • Silicone Mat: The silicone mat is usually placed at the bottom of the air fryer to prevent food from directly contacting the metal surface, avoiding sticking and burning. The silicone mat also slows down heat transfer, protecting the pot and extending the lifespan of the air fryer.


Determining If Your Air Fryer Accessories Need Replacement

With extended use, air fryer accessories will show varying degrees of wear and tear. Regularly inspecting the condition of these accessories ensures that your air fryer always operates in optimal condition. Here are specific methods for assessing each type of accessory:




  • Coating Peeling: Check if the non-stick coating on the basket's surface is peeling. Peeling coating not only affects the cooking results but can also pose health risks.
  • Deformation:Observe if the basket is deformed, especially around the edges and bottom. A deformed basket can hinder air circulation, leading to uneven cooking.



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  • Damage or Breakage:Inspect the rack's mesh and edges for signs of damage or breakage. A damaged rack cannot securely support food and may cause it to fall.
  • Rust:If the rack is made of metal, check for signs of rust. Rust not only affects the appearance but also reduces the lifespan of the rack.



  • Deformation or Blockage:Check if the filter is deformed or blocked. A deformed filter cannot effectively filter oils, and a blocked filter will obstruct air flow, affecting cooking efficiency.
  • Cleanliness:Regularly clean the filter. If you find stubborn residues that cannot be removed, it indicates that the filter might need replacement.

Inner Pot:


  • Surface Scratches: Inspect the inner surface of the pot for obvious scratches or wear. Scratches not only affect the appearance but also cause food to stick, affecting cooking quality.
  • Deformation: Observe if the inner pot is deformed, especially the bottom and walls. A deformed pot can affect its fit with other accessories, leading to uneven heating.

Silicone Mat:


  • Cracks or Damage: Check if the silicone mat has cracks or damage. Such damages will affect the mat's non-stick properties, causing food to stick or burn.
  • Aging: Silicone mats can age and lose elasticity and non-stick properties after prolonged use at high temperatures. If the mat becomes hard or brittle, it needs replacement.

How to Find Suitable Air Fryer Accessories

Confirm Your Air Fryer Brand and Model


First, confirm the brand and specific model of your air fryer. This information is usually found on the bottom or side of the air fryer. Providing this information when purchasing accessories can help you find compatible replacements.


Purchase Air Fryer Accessories from Online Markets and Specialty Stores


  • Online Search: In large online markets (like Amazon) or specialty stores, you can find a variety of brands and models of air fryer accessories for sale. When purchasing air fryers for sale online, be sure to check product descriptions and user reviews to ensure the quality and compatibility of the accessories.
  • Choose Reputable Sellers: Choose reputable sellers to ensure the purchased accessories are fully compatible with the original ones and come with reliable after-sales service.


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Considerations When Purchasing Accessories

Measuring Dimensions


Before purchasing accessories, carefully measure the dimensions of the original ones. Different brands and models of air fryer accessories may vary in size. Even within the same brand, different models might have differences. To ensure the new accessory fits perfectly, use precise measuring tools such as calipers or measuring tapes and record the following key dimensions:


  • Outer and Inner Diameter: Especially for baskets and inner pots, ensure the outer and inner diameters of the new accessories match the original ones to guarantee stability during installation and use.
  • Height: Check the height of the basket or inner pot to ensure the new accessory does not interfere with closing the lid.
  • Thickness:For filters and silicone mats, thickness is crucial. Accessories that are too thick or too thin can affect air flow and cooking results.
  • Hole Diameter and Spacing: For racks and filters, the size and spacing of the holes should match the original accessories to ensure consistent cooking results.

Material Selection


The choice of material directly impacts the durability and safety of the accessory. High-quality materials not only extend the lifespan of the accessory but also ensure food safety:


  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is heat-resistant and rust-proof, making it an ideal choice for baskets and racks. Choose food-grade stainless steel to avoid harmful substances leaching into the food.
  • Aluminum Alloy: Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity and is suitable for inner pots and baskets, but it requires a non-stick coating to prevent food from sticking. Ensure the coating is non-toxic and does not peel during use.
  • Silicone: Silicone mats should be made of high-temperature-resistant, non-toxic silicone. Ensure the silicone mat does not release harmful gases at high temperatures and maintains good elasticity without deformation.
  • PTFE and PFOA: Check the material specifications of non-stick coatings to avoid those containing PTFE and PFOA, which may decompose into harmful chemicals at high temperatures.

Air Fryer Brand Compatibility


Brand compatibility ensures that new accessories can seamlessly replace the original ones. When purchasing accessories, try to choose those that match the original brand or are compatible with it. This ensures the accessories' functionality and quality. Choose sellers that offer warranties and after-sales services. If accessories have issues during use, you can get timely support and replacements. Although the price of air fryer is not the only consideration, comparing prices from different sellers can help you find accessories with the best value for money. Choose reasonably priced accessories while ensuring quality.


Common Issues When Replacing Air Fryer Accessories

Incompatible Accessories


If the purchased accessories do not match the air fryer model, it can cause installation difficulties or usage inconveniences. In such cases, first, recheck the brand and model information to ensure no errors were made when purchasing accessories. When contacting the seller for replacement, provide detailed model and brand information to ensure you get the correct accessories.


Not Working After Installation


If the air fryer does not work properly after installing new accessories, first, check if the accessories are installed correctly and all connections are secure. Carefully follow the manual's steps to reinstall the accessories. If the problem persists, contact the air fryer's customer service department for professional technical support and further inspection.


Quality Issues with Accessories


When purchasing accessories, choose reputable sellers and brands. If the received accessories have quality issues, such as defects or damages, promptly communicate with the seller and request replacements. Ensuring accessory quality is essential for the proper use and safety of the air fryer.


Leaks or Uneven Heating


If leaks or uneven heating occur after installing new accessories, it could be due to improper installation or incompatible accessories. First, check the installation steps to ensure all parts fit tightly. Confirm if the accessories are compatible with the air fryer model, and if necessary, contact the seller or manufacturer for compatible accessories.


Accessory Damage


If new accessories are damaged during use, stop using them immediately to prevent further damage or safety hazards. Contact the seller or manufacturer for replacements promptly. Regularly inspecting the condition of accessories helps to identify problems early and address them in time, ensuring safe and effective cooking.



Replacing air fryer accessories is key to maintaining its efficient operation. By correctly selecting and replacing accessories, you can extend the air fryer's lifespan and ensure optimal cooking results. Understanding and mastering some basic air fryer maintenance and replacement knowledge can help you save on repair costs and improve the lifespan and safety of household appliances.


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