Illuminating courtyards at night has a major impact on crime, satisfaction. Research shows that a friendly and safe environment is the key to the success of any park or public space. Bright lighting can extend daytime activities into night (exercise, walking, etc.) while improving safety, while poorly designed park lighting can increase certain types of crime and vandalism.

Considering the trenching, wiring and excavation required to achieve this, and of course the monthly energy bills, achieving this can be complicated and expensive with traditional lighting solutions.

Commercial solar lighting has come a long way over the past few years. Today, beautifully designed, durable and bright solar light solutions are an effective, cost-effective solution to light up your house and yard.

Terms like watts, lumens, and foot candles can confuse most customers when it comes to choosing solar lighting. Watts, lumens, and foot candles are all terms often used to describe the level of brightness emitted by a light source, which is a key consideration for many when choosing the right commercial solar lighting for applications such as community street lighting, parks, community playgrounds, and more. Pedestrian areas and security lighting. However, there is often some confusion when using these terms. In this blog, we'll demystify these key terms and guide you on what to look for when finding the right solar lighting for your needs.