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From the perspective of professional chefs: The Fusion of Advanced Culinary Techniques with the Air Fryer

  (Eight professional chefs, including the well-known recipe author Andrea Nguyen, have shared their experiences with air fryers.)   Lello Favuzzi, the executive chef at Macellaio RC and one of the top...


Eight professional chefs, including the well-known recipe author Andrea Nguyen, have shared their experiences with air fryers.


Lello Favuzzi, the executive chef at Macellaio RC and one of the top chefs in London, expressed his preference for traditional ovens over air fryers, especially for those working in professional kitchens. He stated:


"For home kitchens, this is one of the best appliances I've purchased. It's versatile and much more convenient than gas or electric ovens because you just turn it on, and in a few seconds, it's ready to use."


——Lello Favuzzi, the executive chef at Macellaio RC


In recent years, air fryers have become a darling in the kitchen, one of the most popular appliances today. As air fryers have become an indispensable part of the home kitchen, hailed as one of the greatest innovations in the kitchen since the dishwasher, professional chefs' opinions on the hype around air fryers are particularly noteworthy, especially for those considering purchasing this device. As a professional air fryer manufacturer, HYSapientia, we listen to user feedback and engage with professional chefs to discuss how to make our air fryers perform best in home cooking!



"Trying out an air fryer is a lot of fun." 


— Andrea Nguyen, recipe author


Concise and compelling, many chefs agree: it's a fun tool. Andrea Nguyen, founder of Viet World Kitchen, cooking instructor, and author of several cookbooks, including 'Vietnam Food Any Day', found it particularly delightful to rethink some of her favorite traditional recipes. "I use it to cook Asian dishes, such as salt and pepper shrimp, salt and pepper tofu, Japanese fried chicken, and sweet and sour ribs." In addition to sharing air fryer recipes, her website also offers many practical tips, such as not frying food that's too moist (because they tend to stick together), and using some fat to prevent food from drying out.



"It's very practical for single cooking and small spaces." 


— Sophie Shafer-Landau, home cook


Air fryers come in various sizes, but small air fryers (like the 3-quart model air fryer) are particularly convenient when cooking. California home cook Sophie Shafer-Landau has been using this product for over four years, and it enables her to quickly prepare a protein dish. "Salmon and chicken are done in just 20 minutes, without the need to manage an oven," she notes. Another advantage of air fryers for small apartments? "It's a godsend for small apartments that don't have a dishwasher and almost no counter space to place appliances. In most cases, you won't even need a toaster or microwave anymore." The HYSapientia 15L Large Digital Air Fryer Oven comes with an oven function, which is very convenient.



"There's less grease to clean up."


— Natasha Jackson, home cook


Home cook Natasha Jackson, who has a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Science, adopts a cooking and eating approach suitable for all types of food. While she doesn't ban any foods in her diet, she appreciates that the air fryer cooks food with less oil and grease. "The high temperature allows me to get the crispy texture of fried foods while keeping the fat content lower."



"It makes amazing crispy chickpeas." 


— Jamie Yonash, recipe author


Jamie Yonash, author of 'The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook' and 'Air Fryer Weight Loss Cookbook,' says, "The air fryer has quickly taken a permanent spot in my kitchen." Air-fried french fries and crispy chickpeas are among her favorites, and she says chickpeas have become a staple snack even her kids love.



"It can transform frozen foods like fries, chicken nuggets, and French toast sticks." 


— Josh Porosky, home cook


Austin home cook Josh Porosky says, "I find that frozen foods like fried fries or chicken nuggets come out of a traditional oven either soggy, mushy, or too brown and dry." He relies on frozen foods to save a lot of time, and the air fryer magically refries the surface oil, leaving a crispy 'fried' exterior. "It sounds scientific and tastes great!" According to him, toasting French toast sticks at 380°F for 7 minutes is his favorite method.



"They should rename it 'The Easy Breezy Beautiful Fun Food Machine'." 


— Jake Grigg, professional chef


"The air fryer cooks food perfectly every time," says Jake Grigg, a famous TikTok and Instagram content creator. Like many chefs, he praises the air fryer for cooking food in record time with almost no mess. "The main reason I use the air fryer is convenience," Grigg adds. "Food cooks faster than in an oven, with almost no need to preheat, and it's easier to clean than a deep fryer, with no oil splashing everywhere." Simpler, faster, cleaner, better? Sounds like something I want to be part of!



"The obvious benefit might be the time-saving aspect, but it truly is the best feature." 


— Kara Shilalie, co-founder of an air fryer website


Boston recipe creator Kara Shilalie praises her air fryers (yes, plural!) for saving dinner prep time. A traditional salmon and Brussels sprouts dinner might take 30 minutes to prepare, considering oven preheating, but with her air fryer, the time is reduced to 8 minutes. "The time-saving advantage really is the best," says Shilalie. She and her partner, who are both busy teachers, are amazed at how quickly air fryer dinners can be prepared and cleaned up.



"It's a great way to cook tofu."


— Registered Dietitian Anna Rios


"My air fryer makes cooking delicious food much simpler," says Registered Dietitian Anna Rios, who creates vegan recipes on her TikTok. "I strongly suggest using the air fryer to cook tofu, topped with soy sauce, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast." Nutritional yeast works like low-carb breadcrumbs and adds rich flavor. Try the Kitchn's air fryer tofu recipe to see just how crispy and delicious air-fried tofu can be.



As the popularity of HYSapientia professional air fryers continues to grow among home cooks and professional chefs alike, we keep listening, learning, and innovating to ensure our products meet and exceed the expectations of kitchen cooking. Whether it's speeding up dinner prep time or exploring new culinary territories, our air fryers are designed to be a versatile companion in the kitchen. HYSapientia promises to continue bringing you healthier, more convenient, and more delicious cooking experiences.


We warmly invite you to explore our collection of recipes, meticulously selected by our community of chefs and dietitians and tested with our equipment. These recipes are suitable not only for family dining but also for anyone seeking innovative and professional culinary experiences. Moreover, we look forward to your feedback and creativity, as every user's cooking journey provides us with valuable opportunities for improvement and refinement.


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