We gave a thorough introduction to the preset mode's introduction in the prior article.

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So why does the HYSapientia air fryer oven have different preset modes from other ovens?

Customers who use the preset option can cook food more quickly and effectively. You only need to activate the oven selection mode and then shut off the oven to execute simple recipes. For instance, if you purchase a frozen pizza from the grocery store, our preset mode will inform you of the ideal cooking temperature and duration without the need for you to consult a recipe, saving you the majority of your time.

Customers can better comprehend the air fryer oven's features by using the preset mode. You won't be informed that your convection oven has all the features. You only use it to grill or roast chicken. And the preset mode on our air fryer oven will let you know. We can produce dried fruits, defrost meals, and cook a variety of cuisines in addition to reheating leftovers. The preset mode, which is another important feature of the HYSapientia air fryer oven, makes it simple to read all the information.

Can only one type of food be prepared in the preset setting, a common customer question is. Actually, the response to this query is quite straightforward. Simply put, the preset mode establishes a defined time and temperature that can be used to cook the same kind of food. Toast and bagels or baguettes, for instance, can be heated together. Reheating chicken and pork together is another option. Open your imagination, please.

Each preset mode can be switched to a free mode, taking grilled chicken as an example.

For grilling chicken, 230°C is the predetermined temperature for 20 minutes. You only need to press the controls for time and temperature, then turn the knob to your desired temperature, if the recipe you read states that cooking the chicken at 200°C for 25 minutes will make it more crispy. desired time and temperature.

HYSapientia air fryer oven hopes to bring more convenience to customers through preset modes, so that more novice cooks can enjoy delicious food easily. But I also prepared a free cooking mode for culinary experts, everything you want, HYSapientia is ready for you.