What is intelligent gardening?
Smart gardening uses technology to provide and manage light and water, monitor nutrients and control weeds. These devices can be connected to smart home systems and mobile phones. Home garden automation saves energy and effort in food production and plant decoration.

6 The Best Smart Gardening Tools
Smart gardening technology is a fast-growing field that is transforming everything from large-scale farming to window-sill herb gardens. People use smart gardening tools because energy-efficient gardens are environmentally and bank-friendly. The following innovations are some of the most useful smart garden products on the market today. They are definitely valuable examples of smart home devices.

1. Intelligent sprinkler
These home garden automations optimize humidity for your plant to thrive. You can get smart sprinklers for window frames and backyard gardens. You can set a watering schedule, but in most cases it offers more advanced features. Smart garden sensors can tell you when a particular plant needs water and apply the right amount. They also know the best time to conserve water, especially in summer, so they can adapt to the weather.

2. Intelligent plant sensor
Intelligent garden sensors not only monitor soil moisture. You can also track light, ambient moisture, and nutrients in the soil. They can be integrated into existing smart home automation systems and conveniently controlled using a smartphone app. They take the guesswork out of gardening just as they take the hassle out of caring for your plants.

3. Intelligent weather station
A smart weather station is a set of devices that monitor temperature, barometric pressure, wind and direction, precipitation and even UV levels. They make it easy to get custom forecasts for your home. By connecting to a home garden automation system, you can optimize your ability to care for plants. Knowing the weather gives you the information you need to set up all your home systems, including the garden, which is one of the top tips for saving energy in the summer.

4. Intelligent Lawn Mower
Just like robot vacuums can save you the hassle of cleaning a house, smart mowers can take care of your weekly chores—and they look cool. Beautify your garden with these battery-powered, safety-enhanced devices. They use smaller blades and are designed to be mowed often, not just once a week. They always work to make your weed look good in your yard. The small clippings they produce add a natural root pouch to your garden; They never send a bag of garden clippings to a landfill.

5. Intelligent outdoor lighting
Garden lighting has three purposes. can:

Light up the street and show off your home and some plants.
Increase security by illuminating the dark corners of your property.
Make sure your plant gets enough light for optimal growth.
With automated outdoor lighting, you can program it on a schedule and use sensors to deliver exactly the light you need in an outdoor or indoor environment.

6. Smart Surveillance Camera
Improving security is a top priority in home automation ideas, and smart gardening devices play an important role. For example, as mentioned above, lighting increases safety. Add a motion sensor to alert you that an intruder might be lurking. By monitoring the garden remotely, you can monitor things from a security perspective while on the go.