What exactly is an Air Fryer?  I just found this gem a couple of months ago and I can’t say enough good things about it!


If you are like me, you may not know what frying food actually does.  I only knew that you cooked food in hot oil/fat and it came out crispy, delicious, and not very healthy.   After some quick research I found that frying food actually takes out the moisture.  Hence the bubbles that you see when you put your food in the hot oil.  The oil is not bubbling because it’s hot, it’s bubbling because the moisture is being pulled out of the food’s outer layer. This creates the crunch.  The more moisture the frying process takes out of the outer layer, the hotter the food gets on the inside.  Downside, when you remove it from the oil you are left with a not-so-healthy  and greasy product.

The Air Fryer is the same concept, just without the oil/fat.  The Air Fryer uses air to remove the moisture, creating a crispy delicious outer layer while at the same time, cooking the food with heat.  If you are into the greasy taste of food, with so much grease you can feel it in your skin, this product is not for you.  If you love fried food but not the unhealthy and greasy part of it, then you will definitely love the Air Fryer as much as I do.


With anything you cook you need two simple pieces of information:

  1. Frying temperature
  2. Cook Time

These can easily be set using the control panel on the front of the air fryer.  That’s all there is to it!


You may need to shake or flip the food one or multiple times, depending on what you are frying.  This is easy to do as you simply remove the basket from the Air Fryer.  Be careful, the handle is not hot but the basket itself is.  Use a hot pad if you touch it!


The Air Fryer basket is also very easy to clean.  Separate the basket pieces, use soapy water and a non-abrasive brush or sponge, dry with a towel, and you are ready to air fry something else!

If you are ready to start air frying be sure to follow my blog or follow me on Pinterest here.  I will be sharing temperatures and cook times for store bought food and recipes to make your own delicious air-fried treats!

Bon Appetite!

Please note: While I assume air frying food is healthier than frying it in oil/fat, the food itself, depending on what it is, still may not be the healthiest of options.  If you are on a restricted diet, special diet or have health concerns that are impacted by food please contact your health professional.  I am not and will not claim to be a nutritional or health expert.  I am simply providing information on temperatures, cook times, and recipes that you can use to make delicious food in your air fryer.