Are your electricity bills increasing? 


Faced with high electricity bills, you don't even dare to turn on the oven to cook because it costs 7-8 euros per hour.

But how can we cook delicious food without using the oven? Other cookware is not a good replacement for an oven.

You might consider not using the oven for a while until electricity prices drop, but you don't know how long that process will take, maybe a year or two.

But your stomach can't wait that long!

This article will announce a product you may have never seen before - the air fryer oven.

The power consumption of an air fryer oven is 1700-1800w, which is about the same as an air fryer.

Air fryer ovens are too energy efficient compared to larger ovens.

So what can an air fryer oven do for you? First, let's look at volume.

The volume of HYSapientia is 5-6 times that of an air fryer, and the volume of 25L is enough to meet the food supply of a family.

Unlike traditional electric ovens, the HYSapientia air fryer oven uses air convection to cook food, greatly improving the efficiency of gourmet cooking.

Best of all, it doesn't need to be heated in advance, just set the temperature and it can heat up quickly within a minute.

This is something that traditional electric ovens cannot do.

The HYSapientia Air Fryer Oven has everything an oven needs to help you keep your electricity bills down.

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