Both low voltage and solar lighting are great options for outdoor light in your home.
They are easy to install, effective and most importantly, environmentally friendly. When
it comes to choosing lighting options for your home, it’s important to know as much as
possible about each type.
Low-Voltage Lighting
Low-voltage lighting, also known as 12-volt, is safer than 120-volt systems because of
the low level of energy eliminates the likelihood of being electrocuted. It also is more
efficient as it gives more light per watt of power. Also, the bulbs last long too. Some
people prefer the brightness of this lighting. The lights however do requiring wiring. This
lighting option offers the addition of a timer and they are generally a low-cost landscape
lighting choice.
Adding lighting can increase the value of your property. It also is something that many
new home buyers are interested in. The brightness of the lighting works great to
illuminate social areas in the yard, no matter the weather. The bulbs on these lights
however will need to be replaced and the wiring may require maintenance too. Also,
timers will need to be reset throughout the year for daylight saving time.
Solar Lighting
Solar lighting uses LED lights. This type of lighting is one of the longest lasting options
available. Solar-powered lighting is great for those with little to no experience working
with wiring. They are energy efficient because they run off the energy produced by the
sun and are virtually no-cost after the initial cost of setting them off is saved.
Instead of dying or blowing out, solar lights just lose brightness. They also don’t contain
mercury, which is environmentally friendly They run off the power of the sun and don’t
have a carbon footprint at all. This type of lighting is best for do it yourselfers who don’t
want wiring in their yard. The biggest myth about solar lighting is that they don’t produce
enough light. However, today’s solar lighting options from Solar Lighting Company
offers bright light.
Solar light is the easiest lighting option to install and less maintenance than low-voltage
system. They also use no electricity. Some argue that finding lighting in lower wattages
for solar lighting is hard. The fact there is little to no maintenance makes them a great
choice for a variety types of consumers.
Find Solar Lighting Options Today
When you’re choosing the best lighting options for your homeowner, take time to peruse
the selection offered by Solar Lighting Company. Whether motion sensors that turn
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