When talking with customers, we hear many misconceptions about solar power and solar lighting. Some are due to bad experiences with inferior products; some are based on outdated misunderstandings.
We're here to clear things up and address some of those rumors.

Myth 1 - Solar lights are unreliable
Some are, ours are not! HYSapientia prides itself on offering a range of reliable commercial grade solar lighting systems and solar lamps. Our systems are equipped with appropriately sized solar panels and batteries to suit the weather conditions and length of night in your area. We also offer hardy settings for our systems for weather conditions that are worse than the average winter conditions in your area.

Another factor is the importance of properly installing solar lights. We have encountered many situations where the light does not work properly due to solar lights or solar panels mounted in shaded locations. Solar lights or solar panels need to be installed in direct sunlight to function properly. So make sure they are not installed under trees, tall buildings, walls or anywhere else that might cast shadows on the panels.


Misunderstanding 2 - The solar light does not turn on
no way! With the help of energy-efficient LEDs, the lights are getting brighter and less power consumption. Of course, we match the lights with appropriately sized batteries and solar panels so that the lights work as expected all year round.


Myth 4 - Solar doesn't work in winter or where I live
Not if you get the right product! If you want a reliable system that runs year round, even in winter, even if you're in the north, you can do it. We use solar level data from sites around the world to ensure your system is working properly. We'll pick the worst times of the year and longest nights, and then tune your system based on these worst-case conditions.

Myth 5 - Solar lights are expensive
We provide high-quality products while keeping costs as low as possible. We offer a wide variety of products to suit most budgets. Installing a solar lighting system is often a more cost-effective solution than digging cables to remote locations. Then consider your monthly electricity and meter bills. Owning just one meter can cost around $30 a month or $360 a year, plus local and state taxes. The solar system doesn't have any associated costs. In fact, there are multiple economic incentives for installing a solar system.

Myth 6 - Solar Lights Don't Last Long
Many people buy solar-powered lights from large online or brick-and-mortar stores that they use for a few months and then quit. We have been in business and are not going anywhere. Unlike some large online stores where product sellers can disappear after a few months, we're here to support you.

These are the most common misconceptions we hear, but if you have any other questions about solar, solar lights or solar systems, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you and would love to assist you!