Amazon's Black Friday sale season has officially begun. HYSapientia air fryer oven has also officially entered the final stage of panic buying. 

At present, we only have 100 units left in stock in the UK, and it is expected to be sold out within three days.

If you really like our air fryer ovens but don't own one yet, this is your best chance. 

Our fans on youtube have followed our channel and our amazon sale site a week before black friday.

Air fryer ovens are so popular in the UK that they've reached a cult level. 

HYSapientia Customer Service Center has also received a lot of emails from customers, most of which are from the affirmation of our brand and the quality of our products. 

Of course, we have also received some suggestions from customers for improving our products, and we accept all voices from customers. 

And we would love to hear more about our customers.


We specialize in the air fryer oven, to be your exclusive chef.