If you've purchased lighting equipment, you've definitely come across marketing materials that state the lumen output of the lamp. While this is one of the most popular industry terms used to emphasize light fixture performance, it is only part of the story.

What is Lumen?
Lumens are the unit of measurement used to determine how much visible light is produced by a light source.

What is a tile?
Watts are used to measure power. How many lumens a light source can produce depends on the power provided. Some of the power sent to the fixture is inevitably lost due to inefficiencies in the mechanical and electrical components. A more efficient lighting system converts more electricity into light rather than heat.

What is system performance?
Efficiency (measured in lumens per watt) is a measure of how efficiently a lamp converts power (watts) into light (lumens). To better understand the true performance of the luminaire, we can use a simple efficiency calculation.