Within a city, there may be hundreds of bus stops scattered throughout the area, some with bus shelters and others with just a sign to designate the pickup location. Many of these stations are located in unlit areas, leaving bus passengers sitting or standing in the dark. Lighting of bus stops and bus shelters provides peace of mind and safety for those waiting for the bus to arrive. It also deters loitering and other adverse activities that can occur in unlit areas. But digging cables to these locations can be very expensive; in some areas, it's nearly impossible. In addition to the cost of electrifying each bus stop, consider the monthly meter charges and associated taxes for each bus stop location. The cost is unbelievable.

The good news is we have a solution! Solar lighting is perfect for illuminating bus shelters and bus stops. HYSapientia has been providing solar lighting solutions for the public transport industry. Our lights are self-contained commercial grade systems that do not require any trenching and do not incur any monthly electricity costs, meter charges or taxes. In addition to providing safety for waiting passengers, our lighting systems can also be used to illuminate signs, timetables and advertisements in bus shelters

The lighting time of our products may vary depending on the product selected. Our shelter lighting systems and most street lights can be programmed to illuminate from dusk to dawn or any other desired time period. If lighting is not needed when the bus is not running, we can implement a clock timer to turn the lights on and off as needed. Dimming can be enabled throughout the night or after a certain time. These options allow us to fit most budgets.

If you need lighting for bus stops and/or bus shelters, we are happy to help!